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SEO Everyday, I receive lot of mails from SEO companies who promise quite a lot of things. I admit it, they sound quite convincing. But after years of experience in SEO industry, I know that these are the SEO companies which do not get enough business and are desperate enough to lure clients with mass email marketing and false guarantees. For a layman who has a website and is struggling to get traffic, these false promises of guaranteed results & rock bottom prices are just what doctored ordered. A layman is attracted by grand sounding words, technical jargon and low prices and hands over his/her website’s future with incompetent SEO companies. Needless to say, such clients not only loose their money and time but also end up jeopardizing their website. Here are few tips on how to weed out unscrupulous SEO who are bent on parting you from your hard earned money and reputation. Some of the "promises" that should raise red flag are: a). Guaranteed page one ranking: This promise is often made by even big SEO companies. What needs to be understood is that there are many variables that effect a websites search engine position. To add to the complexity, the algorithm that determines the SERPS is highly confidential and not public. In such scenario, it’s impossible and downright falsehood if anybody guarantees listing on #1 page of Google or any big search engine. Such companies only want your business and do not care for the final results. b). Guaranteed listing in 48 hours: This is one is a classic. What SEO companies won’t tell you is that they will list your website in sponsored results. What is the big deal about it? This promise is a sure shot way to know that this company is totally unprincipled. c). Low flat fees: If some company is offering services at very low flat prices, then read the fine print. Are they charging for some obscure, no-traffic keywords? Yes, you will rank for keywords with absolutely no competition and traffic but what will it do for you except for a false sense of confidence? d). Submission to thousand of search engines: This amounts to nothing much because there are just few search engines which are relevant like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Submission to these engines is redundant now and in fact can even harm you. Looking for a sophisticated approach to strengthening your brand using SEO? Contact Enovabiz Solutions today! Dallas SEO Company Author: Donna Nocero About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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