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SEO Distributing articles to article sites can be a tiresome process that involves author registration, correct formatting, and knowledge of the editorial rules set by each publisher. There are now hundreds of article directories which serve both the general and niche markets. Because of the need of writers to get their content publicized on as many websites as feasible to increase website traffic and the sheer quantity of article sites on the internet, many writers have turned to automatic distribution software and third-party distribution services to quicken the distribution process. The use of third-party submission products presents an ethical issue. While many article websites dont care how content is submitted to them, as long as the articles satisfy their editorial guidelines, several rely on authors as a major source of visitors to their web sites. They want you, the writer, to read their websites, study their submission rules, and become a frequent guest to their websites in return for distributing your article. Any article directory that cares about the quality of content they publish will invest some time to evaluate each posted article prior to publishing it. As an article publisher myself, I can attest to the work required in reviewing, reformatting, and fixing minor mistakes in every article submitted to me. Because I get plenty of submissions each day, I am compelled to reject any content that look as if theyve been submitted by a third party or through an automatic submitter. Its not rocket science to differentiate between an article submitted by hand and one submitted through an automatic system. The software-submitted document may be incorrectly formatted, indicating that the submitter never bothered to examine the submission rules before submitting their document. It could be missing a required field, or it could be posted to the wrong category. Different article web sites stipulate different rules and requirements for what they publish. Its not possible for an automatic submitter to take into account all of these variations to enable you to submit to several hundred websites with a few clicks the button. Many article websites do not even permit manual submissions by third-party submitters. A common sign that an article has been submitted via a third-party service is when only one author account is used to post several articles with different resource boxes. Submissions from multiple writer accounts from a single IP address are one more indicator of third-party submitter. Any software program that claims to do 99% of the work for you simply spam your document all over the internet. Many of these spam products even post a link along with your article back to the submitter software. This is a sure-fire method to get your document turned down and even get you banished from some websites. Preferably, writers should distribute their articles manually. Meanwhile, there is a need for a method to rapidly distribute to a great number of web sites. An appropriate compromise between triresome manual submission and a totally automatic process is a semi-manual application that allows you to browse article sites as well as rapidly submit content to them. Oudam Em is the owner of, a company that offers cost-effective link building services, including manual web directory submission service . Find out how to increase traffic to your website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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