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Marketing No remember to start implementing these strategies right away, the sooner you start the sooner you can start bringing in the big bucks and stop struggling and wasting your time and money. Tip 1 Article Marketing Guys it important to understand how important articles are for your business, it should be the foundation of your business. The foundation should be strong, the more articles you post the more leads you will get, free leads or life. That is the reason why lots of articles are important, it will stay on the internet forever. Tip 2 Facebook Marketing Facebook is a goldmine, a goldmine, if and only if you use it the right way. Never ever pitch your business opportunity to anyone no matter what. What you want to do on Facebook is build up relationships and that’s it. You should start by joining network marketing and MLM groups, request to join. Once you are in these groups, you should start looking at some posts, comment where you see fit, and have a look who you can befriend. Don’t invite anybody, send them a message first, like "hey i see your also in the same company i am" or something, try to find a connection to the person. Once you and the person starts to chat, ask them how they market their business online and ask how many leads they get, and how are they doing? Only after you have build a relationship they will start to trust you and maybe join your business or then they will listen what you have to offer. Tip 3 You Tube Marketing This is another great medium to get leads to your business, again only if you do it the correct way. Build a custom You Tube channel and start uploading some content. What i did was i posted a 1 minute video, named the video "$1000 in 1 day" and i got about 10 000 views in my first couple of weeks. In the video i told the viewers to click on the link below to find out how to make that much money on autopilot, and guess what? I got crazy leads, all day and all night, it was epic. So there you have the 3 most important ways to market your MLM business for free online. But i want you to start with 1 method until you have mastered it then move to another, as you will get confused if you try to pull off everything at once. Good luck! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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