Automobiles Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel 台湾宪兵被砍伤 可可西里申遗成功

Automobiles Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel : Enough Power To Move Mountains Toyota claims its Land cruiser Diesel as world"s greatest 4WD vehicle. Its distinction from other car is mainly by its muscle mass. With a real big size its style perfect suits its grunt. Land cruiser diesel 200 is now with a state-of-the art of innovation and improvement in every kind of road condition. Its tradition off road cachet is now to be build more vigorously with its highly improved off road driving facilities. Every bit of innovation of this all new land cruiser diesel 200"s is considered as its need for best performance. Its more strong and more absorbent than ever now. Best diesel technology is now for the most powerful vehicle of the 50 years. Toyota Land cruiser Diesel is offering the most powerful turbo diesel technology with the V8 engine. Its power was used to complete a real life hard working job of Snowy Mountain Hydro Scheme peoples. They ware ensured their safety mountain riding and coming back home by the first generation of the land cruiser. Now all new land cruiser diesels are designed for a perfect riding of all types of hilly areas. This engine is made to ride mountain. Under a strongest bonnet of Toyota land cruiser has the strongest turbo technology of diesel. Turbo chargers diesel engine are the latest diesel grunting technology of the era. The diesel variant of this Toyota land cruiser has a capacity of 4.5 litters. The power of diesel is grunted by its eight valves. Its power of climbing mountain is 202kw @ 54000 rpm. The awesomeness of the power is highly maintained by its gear box of six speeds. The virtual transmission system is automatic in nature. Its handling is far smoother than ever. This smooth driving is ensured by its highly efficient and fun to move steering. Its practicality of four wheel driving is beyond it"s a big cachet. It can fly with touching the road intimate with its every corner. This is the a sensational driving is guaranteed. This all new Toyota land cruiser is also available in gasoline engine. Despite being a 4WD vehicle its torque grunt and the pulling power is simple awesome. Its silent message is just torque it up. They call it a quite achiever. Its fuel economy is highly synchronizes with its greenness. Its black foot print is far least than ever. It has achieve the EURO rating of grade IV for emission standard. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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