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Real-Estate We all know the famous adage "Necessity is the mother of inventions". Human beings have always proactively equipped themselves to fight against the forthcoming challenges like global warming and energy crisis. To combat the impact of global warming and energy crisis, more and more people have started building steel houses as an environmental friendly housing solution. Environmental friendly houses are those which are designed and built with an environmentally friendly attitude. While building these houses complete focus is laid on considerations like place of housing, energy aspects, the design, and the materials used. Pre-Engineered steel buildings help you in building your structures easily and conveniently be it houses, buildings, offices, aircraft hangars, retail outlets, warehouses, halls, showrooms and so on. You can choose from a wide variety of pre-engineered steel structures like doors, windows, roof extensions, parapet walls, walk-in door, skylights, vents, downspouts, and attractive colors, reflective or thermal insulation. These prefabricated steel buildings are delivered and assembled at your site. Thus, they offer a unique advantage of lesser construction time. These steel buildings can be matched to your local environment requirements and can be customized with unique colors and finishes of your choice. The prefabricated steel structures can be manufactured in 4 – 6 weeks of time. Stainless steel houses tend to be less expensive than the average houses. The steel houses can have teak floors which are insulated. In addition, you can carpet the floors, add drywall to the walls, install bathrooms, and create additional rooms as well. Steel houses provide strength, security, and durability that other construction structures lack. Also, these structures can be erected even in remote locations without electricity, as welding is not required. The components are bolted or riveted. They also provide an added advantage of ease in dismantling the structures and shifting to other locations. Metal used for such construction is recyclable and also offers a resale value. No use of wooden material supports environmentally friendly construction due to conservation of forests. While constructing the steel buildings, you need to ensure that the steel is properly insulated. Proper insulation prevents condensation, which helps better climate control and maximum energy efficiency. Thus the properly insulated building may help save 20-40% on your energy bills and the cost of insulating can be recovered quickly. You can further increase you lighting efficiency, reduce your electric bills and your need for additional lighting fixtures by using the insulation to provide bright and reflective wall and ceiling treatments. So while constructing your houses, always choose a steel building option, because: Steel houses are incredibly durable Usage of steel save forests and help conserve our environment They are economical They are cheaper to maintain As steel can be molded into artistic shapes and designs, they provide an aesthetic look They are free from rot or termites There is a reduced risk of fire with steel buildings. This in turn will lower your insurance premiums They are energy efficient Lesser residuals (scrapped material) Earthquake proof About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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