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Personal-Finance What exactly is financial planning? As a kid, did you dream of finding a treasure map left by long ago pirates? One that had a big red x"on the spot where the chest full of gold was buried, safely tucked away until the pirates needed it? Financial planning is plotting a map to the treasure. It is also a way to keep adding to that treasure, so when you need to dig it up, it will be there for you- safe and sound. It guides you through the obstacles that come along in life, and shows you how to still stay on the path towards the treasure. As the Financial Planning Association says, "it is a process, not a product." Why Is it so Important? If you wish to achieve your goals and secure your ability to retire, you need an expert who can keep your goals on track, see the dangers ahead in the road that might veer you off course, and be able to correct your path to financial security. Otherwise, chances are, you will not come close to reaching your monetary goals – buying a house, education for your kids, building a vacation home, knowing you have enough money to secure your loved ones if you pass untimely, being able to quit work at 55, or 75. It’s Not Just for the Rich and Famous Many people do not believe they have enough money to warrant financial planning. But that is the point. They rarely will unless they have someone help them to plan beyond living paycheck to paycheck. Experts say you should have at least 6 months worth of income saved up in an account you can access in an emergency. Then, you can begin investing in your future, building a portfolio, diversifying where your money is. A financial planner is your way to double check on the money decisions you make. Should you buy a house, a car, go on a cruise instead of visiting the grandparents, etc? They partner with you in life to make sure you are heading in the right direction at all times. The more uncertain our economy becomes, the more you need someone to make sense of it all, see the trends and give you sound advice. Why you need a financial planner? A financial planner’s purpose is to be the objective third party that can see the forest for the trees. He or she can assist you in planning for today and tomorrow – be it five, ten or forty years from now. They help you to establish realistic goals and show you how to reach them. They are advice givers, someone who knows more than you do. About the Author: Steve Young began his lucrative career in 1995, after serving our country in the Marines, establishing what would become the Healthy Back Store, with branches that grossed over 35 million in pro sales annually. Founder of Expense Reduction Experts and it’s offshoot Increase Club Profits. Steve has shown numerous businesses in Southern California and across the country how to reduce expenses and up their customer service, how to increase profits and secure their financial status no matter what the economy is doing. Steve knows the importance of planning your financial future. After spending untold hours plowing through websites and articles, he decided to develop a time saving guide so others could in one or two clicks seek out the info he h Article Published On: – Personal-Finance 相关的主题文章:

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