Health Arthritis can affect your man’s best friend 张稀哲大婚 嫁外国小伙离婚难

Health Arthritis can affect your man’s best friend, just like it affects us. In fact, arthritis in dogs is a fairly common pet disorder. Fortunately, there are alternatives for osteoarthritis treatment for your dog. There are many causes of arthritis in dogs. Arthritis may result from post infection destruction of joint tissue. Dogs can also have congenital arthritis, which affects joint structure. Some forms of arthritis in dogs are due to stress and trauma to joint surfaces and supporting structures. Additionally, some dogs can get immune system disorders. In these cases, arthritis results from the dog’s autoimmune system attacking its own joint tissue. But no matter the cause of arthritis in dogs, one thing is certain: it causes your beloved pet to suffer heedlessly under chronic pain and stiffness, leading to immobility and sometimes even permanent disability. How do you stop it? The first step is identifying the condition. Early detection is key to treating your dog’s pain. You need to learn what to look for in your dog so that you can know the signs. Signs and Symptoms of Arthritis in Dogs Unlike humans, dogs have no way of communicating the pain suffered because of arthritis. They cannot come right up to you and say that they are suffering pain. Making matters worse, dogs instinctively avoid showing signs of weakness. Animals tend not to show weakness as a survival tactic. Being the weakest member of the pack can have grave consequences. So the active role of recognizing the signs of arthritis in dogs falls on your shoulders and you must be vigilant in this task. The early symptoms of arthritis in your pet may be difficult to notice. If you notice any outright limping or vocalizing of pain, that means the end stage of long term joint degeneration. As it may be too late by then, try actively looking for subtle changes in your dogs behavior and appearance, such as increased weight gain, sleeping more, less interest in playing, and a change in attitude or alertness. If your dog is more careful lying down, it may be a sign of problems. The dog may not yelp in pain; it may just move more carefully, protecting sore joints. If your dog starts gaining weight, it may also indicate a problem. Weight gain often occurs where a dog stops moving around as much – perhaps it is too painful to be active. Arthritis Treatment The good news with arthritis in dogs is that there are many safe and effective medications available. Carprofen, the chemical found in Pfizer Animal Healths RIMADYL, is one of the most prescribed medications for arthritis in dogs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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