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Writing-and-Speaking Wisdom tooth extraction is something nearly everyone has heard some kind of horror story about. Impacted wisdom teeth, negative reaction to the pain medication, extended mouth pain, extra wisdom teeth found at the time of extraction – these are unusual in any wisdom tooth extraction, but of course they make the best stories so they are the experiences most of us are likely to hear about before going in for a wisdom tooth extraction. The wisdom tooth extraction horror stories I heard prior to having my wisdom teeth removed did not resemble my wisdom tooth experience at all, thankfully. No one knows exactly how wisdom tooth extraction surgery will go until it’s over, but some basic information gathering and discussion with your dentist should help put your mind at ease prior to going in for your own wisdom tooth extraction. Many web sites offer medical advice and may offer suggestions about whether wisdom tooth extraction is needed. Even the most reputable medical sites, however, such as the Mayo Clinic’s online resources, are still no substitution for a live consultation with a qualified dentist or oral surgeon. Only after looking at your mouth can a dentist tell you for sure whether wisdom tooth extraction is needed and whether you’re likely to have a particularly difficult oral surgery. So if you’ve self-diagnosed impacted wisdom teeth, hold of on the panic until you’ve actually seen a dentist. Your regular dental practice can refer you to a qualified oral surgeon if necessary. Wisdom tooth extraction is required if your wisdom teeth, or third molars as they are sometimes called, are causing or are likely to cause problems with your teeth and mouth. Most people who have wisdom teeth will need to have an extraction at some point before the wisdom teeth cause oral problems. Luckily a wisdom tooth extraction is a routine, outpatient procedure that can usually be performed over a weekend (a long weekend is a good idea for ample recovery from your wisdom tooth extraction). Some of the more common complications with wisdom tooth extraction may conjure reminders of those wisdom tooth horror stories you’ve heard, but remember the complications are less common than other wisdom teeth removal patients would have you believe! Impacted wisdom teeth can require longer surgery and sometimes wisdom tooth extraction results in "dry socket," but this can be treated. If you’re concerned about your wisdom tooth extraction, discuss your specific concerns with your dentist or oral surgeon. Some basic extraction aftercare tips may put your mind at ease by helping you feel in control of your recovery. Your dentist or oral surgeon will explain how to care for the stitches in your mouth and what kind of diet you should expect to follow (probably liquids and soft foods for a few days) until your mouth has fully healed. If you’re still convinced your wisdom tooth extraction will be a nightmare, ask your dentist or oral surgeon what kinds of concerns you should call their office over and how soon you can be seen after the surgery. Knowing you have a professional available to help with any complications should further ease your concerns. And remember, those wisdom tooth extraction horror story tellers at least all lived to tell their tale! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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