Pudong Sanlin reconstruction of the village will be built 3.5 Century Park ecological green equivale caxa实体设计

Pudong Sanlin urban village reconstruction: the construction of ecological green space is quite 3.5 Century Park Morning News reporter Li Qin reported three outside villages in the area, the future will be a green cover, green park area is equivalent to the 3.5 century, Pudong will become a central area of a real city "green lung". The reporter learned from the Pudong New Area guituju, "Pudong New Area Sanlin area ecological outer ring planning" (Draft) is for publicity. According to the draft publicity, the total area of about 831 hectares of land area, there will be more than half of the land for construction of ecological green space. The planning scope is: "the enclosed area of the Huangpu River in the center line of the outer ring – high speed S20- Sanlin Town Community" Wai space deduction "three Lin Esther municipal low-income housing base" and "outer greenbelt boundary Jinyi river east – Dongming – Lin Heng lu. Planning range from north to south through the two ecological interval zone (G10, G11, and connected with the ecological interval) southern region, something to build 500 meters outside ring greenbelt, ensure the ecological basis, forming a group of four City, strengthening the city base.相关的主题文章:

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