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The pupils do this in bed at night! Parents depressed now mobile games in the ascendant, has become a lot of people’s leisure. Mobile game download fast, low registration threshold, almost no online game that kind of real name system, many minors can also be free to play. Yesterday, some parents continue to call our news hotline 82374110 complaints, that their children have a common hobby, hiding in bed at night and students playing mobile phone games together, but also the crazy Prepaid Charge money. How can I keep my children away?" This has become the heart of many parents. What about playing at night by students also charge a lot of Mobile Games Qianwang said that his son was relatively quiet personality, learning is also decent, now read the sixth grade in a primary school in the city of jiangnan. But the beginning of this semester, he found his son often during the day the spirit is not very good, then at once inadvertently, he found that playing mobile phone in bed at night son. I took a look at the phone, actually playing a mobile game, the son said this is called the king of the glory of the mobile phone game is very popular among the students, we are playing, but also about the middle of the night with the on-line play." Mr. Wang then found his son in the mobile phone recharge records, he went to the bank in a check, the son had been found recharge one thousand yuan. "I feel very depressed, also has carried on the education of his son, but I later found out that my son will not take control of light, his classmates are a lot of people are playing, my son will still be around their on-line play." Mr. Wang also told the matter to the teacher, the teacher admitted that now the existence of the phenomenon of part of the play Mobile Games high grade primary school children, the school also has the education, but overall it is difficult to control. Mr. Wang told reporters that he still hoped that the school and parents to strengthen the education of children, but also called on the relevant departments to strengthen the management of mobile games. Yesterday, Mr. Xu also told reporters that the same situation, his daughter was only grade three, but also to play with classmates and mobile games. "Our home is good, usually also give her enough pocket money, but she often found the money at home, but he is also not vague. Later, her mother looked at her daughter’s cell phone was found, she has more than three thousand yuan in the hand tour." Mr. Xu said that he and his daughter found that the exchange is also a class of children are secretly playing mobile games. In fact, the children are aware of their parents and teachers are not allowed to play games for them, but some mobile phone game is too competitive, and the children secretly play after but can not stop. Minors brush out the money difficult to recover Mr Xu also said that he hopes to recover her recharge cash, and also to develop games that customer communication the daughter to play, but the other side asked him to provide relevant evidence, due to complicated procedures, finally he did not adhere to. Yong Zhejiang lawyer Zhang Ying said, according to the "general principles of civil law, more than 10 years of age, minors under the age of 18, is the limited capacity in civil activities, his age, intelligence does not adapt, need legal charge or consent. At the same time, the "contract law" also clearly stipulates that restrictions on civil capacity of the contract, the need for law"相关的主题文章:

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