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Ji’nan, the most stringent new regulations: meat and vegetable circulation operators must be light card sales "Ji’nan meat traceability system circulation operation management measures" implemented recently. The city proposed that the meat and vegetable circulation operators should take the initiative to provide consumers with meat traceability information sales certificate. 3The traceability of meat and vegetables in circulation (hereinafter referred to as meat traceability), refers to the establishment of meat traceability management system as the core, through the use of information technology to realize electronic information, transaction information, form traceable, verifiable whereabouts, responsibility can be traced the source of traceability accountable mechanism. The meat and vegetable circulation operators as mentioned in the measures shall include units engaged in the wholesale and retail of meat and vegetables, as well as the meat and vegetable groups, as well as the bases for the export of agricultural products. This way, the operator shall correctly use the meat and vegetables circulation traceability electronic scale, provide sales documents containing meat traceability information to consumers actively; timely day trading data and other related information of meat traceability system input in accordance with the regulations, transfer to the city of meat traceability management platform, import the "circulation service card", and generate the electronic ledger. Occurrence of vegetables and meat quality and safety problems, meat and vegetables circulation enterprises, units and market operators should actively cooperate with the relevant administrative department of Commerce of the meat and vegetables information tracing the source, active and truthfully provide relevant data and information of upstream operators.相关的主题文章:

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