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In twenty-first Century the first important exclusive art movement will occur in Beijing – Sohu culture channel lead: Michael Pettis, from Wall Street, started to attract China by China came to economic boom, it is interesting to him for 15 years, still has been in North Chinese utterly ignorant of, teach, teach, from finance to rock. He was excited. From Wudaokou to D22 bar, bingmasi record company, XP bar, and has a relationship with his China independent musicians… Not only did he know the history of art, but he was also a witness to the New York movement. Over the years. Michael Pettis for the expression China new music of the optimistic view of their own. In the face of new music, decades after his eyes see, stick to now, to arrive in the future. He admitted that this is the first Chinese music touched his qualities. Interview live Chinese rock music is very fresh and optimistic Sohu culture: do you work on weekends? Michael: I work every day. I’m writing a book recently, so it’s a lot of things. Sohu culture: what kind of music do you like? Michael: from the very beginning, I followed my parents to listen to music, classical music and jazz. But then my favorite is Gustav Mahler, John Coltrane, underground music and all kinds of music, I also wanted to find some good rap music in Beijing, but has not seen. If you want to say what I can not afford to quit, that is, John Coltrane and pioneer underground underground (avant-garde) bar. Sohu culture: China rock is the pioneer in 80s with no predecessors, such as Cui Jian; then Taiwan record company launched in 1995 after three rock; there is almost no company to operate these; after 2000 is the modern sky, at this time there have been a number of bands, even some can enter the mainstream TV (such as Wang Feng). But instead we gradually on the rock and roll is not interested, no real rock star. Why did you choose to come here to join the Chinese rock and roll in such an unlikely time? Michael: I came to Chinese for reasons other than music, but was attracted by the Chinese economics, I have worked in Wall Street for many years, and taught at the University of finance, the first two years of the China is mainly to study the economic situation, a stay of 15 years (from 2002). But I have always loved music, this is a very important part of my life, at the University of New York, when I have a music club, where a lot of celebrity, also has his own record label (CD label and record label). It is a little later than CBGB, after 1980, in the eastern part of the village of New York, John Zorn, Sonic Youth, Swans, very exciting. Zorn John.相关的主题文章:

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