Ju Jing 祎 the fast staged Ma Zhen draft video picked suspected cosmetic mkdv-02

Ju Jingyi as soon as this staged "horse shock" draft video picked suspected cosmetic original title: Ju Jingyi staged a horse as soon as this earthquake video clips were stripped suspected cosmetic Tencent entertainment news "SNH48" members of Jingyi Ju has a sweet face, earlier known as the "Japanese media girl 4000 years rare". But the Jingyi Ju happy camp, will make no peace. First of all, Jingyi Ju and Zhang Yixing fans. There is a part of the game, Zhang Yixing needs to hold down the bar over Jingyi Ju princess. In this stage, Zhang Yixing and Ju Jingyi frequently fail. At the scene of the fans broke the news, Zhang Yixing took over Jingyi bowed eleven times, all tired. Zhang Yixing fans shouted distressed, Ju Jingyi fans certainly sit still, not on the Internet at Zhang Yixing’s waist. However, this is not the biggest yaoezi. This is also a super fast universe super dirty game, guess five girls who really sit on the electric motor?" Ju Jingyi performance ultra realistic, intense feeling, not the idol burden! There are many users are reflected in this part of the fast is too dirty, embarrassing symptoms are coming to an end. There are a lot of people Tucao Ju Jingyi performance of "good", don’t go! The day before, a group before her debut in television shows the old photo was exposed, netizens exclaimed "all two people see photos!" 4000 years of beauty when the appearance of the 3997 years. (Tencent entertainment)相关的主题文章:

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