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Chen Kun set up the mountain documentary laboratory fund   selected items of cash — entertainment channel — original title: Chen Kun set up the mountain documentary laboratory fund selected projects cash "mountain documentary laboratory" special fund award certificate 1 "mountain documentary laboratory" special fund award certificate 2 "long Luo Jie" director Kim Hangzheng speech "juvenile" director Li Pengfei speech [map] small disappeared in the dawn [map] small yesterday in the winter of 2016 Rhapsody "presence" salon films schedule Chen Kun as "mountain documentary laboratory" winners to VCR1 Chen Kun as the "mountain documentary laboratory" winners to VCR2 the tenth FIRST Film Festival character version Poster at the tenth FIRST Film Festival press conference announced the establishment of the "mountain mountain documentary documentary Laboratory Laboratory since May, FIRST. Chen Kun announced the launch of the joint launch of the mountain documentary laboratory, after more than 4 months of project solicitation, audit, interviews. Yesterday, FIRST Festival announced the final selected list, Kim Hangzheng director Luo long "sister" and "juvenile" director Li Pengfei has earned 150 thousand yuan and 300 thousand yuan of the "mountain documentary laboratory special fund", for the film post production and filming. Director of the Department of the tenth gold Hangzheng Festival "a position" award winner, "Luo Chang Jie" will continue its winning "lost in the dawn" movie, in reality, the field, based on reality, practice of real film, the film by Luo long elder sister and amnesia two sons, the eldest son with his wife two clues, show the man and nature, different contradictions between people, to explore the traditional rural family living state. The film is currently being shot. Li Pengfei, the ninth Film Festival nominated director, "juvenile" is his second feature documentary works, the director tries to four areas of investigation records, draw a picture of the current incomplete Chinese of juvenile delinquency, mapping out still exists in the years of compulsory education after the fault and the legal regulation is still unknown social groups. Project is expected to begin shooting in early 2017. The Golden Horse Award for best documentary director Zhou Hao: what we do, is a subtle "mountain documentary laboratory" originator, is to encourage the author to record image documentary mining inter cultural diversity issues, creation has its social and cultural value of the works, is also deeply in documentary creation in the whole world and the difficulty of silence the festival itself condition, by FIRST platform resources, build more international organizations and Film Festival cooperation channels, in addition to a cash reward, is also expected to provide international documentary documentary workshop and the issue of resources, system services for China documentary workers, promote the healthy development of the documentary market environment. The Yamashita documentary lab is divided into two parts: the best documentary ad hoc bonus and the next documentary special fund program. "Best documentary special bonus" by Li Xiaofeng Jia Kai, director of the "Rhapsody" yesterday, the tenth session of the FIRST Film Festival "best documentary". For the FIRST Film Festival will be carefully considered, publishing activities set in the "present" the first Salon "yesterday).相关的主题文章:

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