Tianjin 6 track line of the new progress of Metro Line 11 to determine the specific location of the 女f4

Tianjin 6 track line of new progress in the Metro Line 11 station location specific 6 rail lines are speeding up the construction of new progress in line 1 East extension interval through line 4 1 stations have been the construction of the main line 5, line 6, 90% subjects completed the people’s Hospital of dabizhuang to FBI No. 9 line 3 station construction completion 10 Line 8 station began to "enclosure construction 13th Five-Year" at the end, Tianjin city will have 10 subway line was opened to traffic in 2020, operating mileage of more than 320 km, when rail transport accounted for the proportion of public transport to reach more than 40%. This year, the Tianjin subway line construction of 6 lines, each with good news. As of now, the main Metro Line 5 to achieve 90% completion of Metro Line 1 East extension range through 3, Jinbin light rail station building finishing, Metro Line 6 will be a period of trial operation at the end of the year, Metro Line 4 and line 10 pipeline cut change has started, the construction progress of the station. In the Metro Line 5 Zhigu station site, the staff of the Metro Line 5 station to xiawafang station Zhigu shield recently went through lane, the whole construction process monitoring and control, to ensure the smooth crossing. As of now, the interval tunnel of Metro Line 5 completed 75%, 15 interval to achieve double penetration, track laying completed 45%, has completed 23 of the main structure. In an interview with reporters, the other 5 rail line under construction has made significant progress: the first section of Tianjin Metro Line 6, the opening of trial operation; the FBI test station to the people’s Hospital of dabizhuang depot is system; section road station to the Merlin Road Station on the water, to complete the 85% station main structure. One of the 8 stations to complete the main structure; interval shield completed 40% of 2 intervals through lane. Metro Line 1 East extension a total of 12 stations, 10 blocks have been completed the main structure and affiliated construction, all through the interval. The 11 station of Metro Line 4 to the pipeline cut change has been cut to 1 stations approach; the main structure of the construction of 3 stations, earthwork excavation and pile foundation construction, retaining structure in construction of 7 stations. The southern section of Metro Line 10 8 stations ongoing land expropriation of outstanding work; 19 stations involved in the pipeline cut change in 12 is 8 seat pipeline cut change; retaining structure construction. The East China Sea Road three Jinbin light rail station construction into the construction of the final stage, the East China Sea Road Station renovation project completed in 95%, fire engineering entered the commissioning phase, four electric (communication, signal, power supply and traction power supply) completed 90%, completed 85% system debugging. Taihu Road station main structure, curtain wall and interior decoration completed 90%, four power to complete the 90%, the system debugging completed by 85%. The main structure of the ZhangGuiZhuang Railway Station is completed, the curtain wall is completed 90%, the interior decoration is completed by 30%, the four power is completed by 80%, and the system debugging is completed by 75%. Metro Line 11 also has a new trend last week, Metro Line 11 to the environmental impact report of the publicity, publicity content revealed in accordance with the Metro Line 11 station and route specific direction.相关的主题文章:

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