Through the NASCAR 2016 new Cruze Gen • Beijing – Kasai war shuyue

"Through the NASCAR" 2016 new Cruze – Battle match – a Beijing, Beijing, October 10, the day before, "through the United States NASCAR 2016 Chevrolet new Cruze record – Battle match. The event from September to October in the 50 national tournament is divided into city, city tournament, regional tournament, the national finals of the three links, the finals decided 16 winners in March next year to visit the United States to observe the NASCAR game, and have the opportunity to participate in the legendary sports car Kerr Witt driving training camp, Chevrolet brings infinite passion for racing experience. NASCAR was founded in February 15, 1948, is a popular car race in the United states. Each year about 2000 Games, more than 150 million visitors audience to watch the game, television ratings are far more than baseball, basketball and football and other sports, so it is called the American "F1" game. Chevrolet has won 39 NASCAR championship team title. The occasion of the new Cruze listed on the occasion, Chevrolet will introduce the concept of NASCAR China. The new Cruze as the "battle game" only designated entry model, deeply rooted in the Chevrolet brand car gene, inheritance of "3C" family design style, have a highly efficient power system and the Nurburgring circuit level chassis tuning, bring driving quality full beyond the city, lead the intermediate vehicle into the "full range of user experience first" the performance of 3 times. The new Cruze to create a source of vitality for the aesthetic design of exciting. Double grille with sharp changes in the abundance of line, full of strong feeling; sense of power and a waist brow, outline clear lines of muscular; solid rear also uses a dual element Chevrolet family classic car taillight design. Equipped with the world’s most advanced powertrain, Neue Boglin track adjustment level sports chassis, Opel patent enhanced watts link and lightweight technology from the super sports car was given to the new Cruze to dominate the super strength and ultimate control of the track! The new Cruze track, with its power, control, energy saving, safety, wheelbase, Internet, lightweight 7 highlights show beyond the product strength, for the participants to feel the distance track, experience the speed and passion to create a perfect power surge, accurate and sensitive driving experience. "Through the NASCAR" 2016 Chevrolet new Cruze – Battle finals record will be carried out in November in China’s first mountain road, Beijing hi Valley car park. By then, Chevrolet "3C" car, family Kerr Witt, Ke Mailuo and Cruze will be unveiled.相关的主题文章:

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