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The 2016 Xiqiao mountain marathon by the Asian year events Award [Abstract] before the 2016 Asian Sports Industry Awards (SPIA) awards ceremony held in Thailand. Mount Xiqiao international super marathon, beat the pack, won the SPIA best big event gold medal. The day before, the 2016 Asian Sports Industry Awards (SPIA) awards ceremony held in Thailand. Mount Xiqiao international super marathon, beat the pack, won the SPIA best big event gold medal. Xiqiao Mountain Marathon matches in Asia in gold, South China Sea Lion, dragon boat project repeatedly won the prizes in all kinds of international competitions, a brand of sports tourism in the South China Sea to go abroad, the world famous, embodies the "South China Sea Sports and tourism" development model, to further promote the construction of the brand of the South China sea. Xiqiao Mountain Marathon won best Asian of the year events award the evening of October 4th, the 2016 SPIA awards ceremony was held in Thailand Bangkok International Conference Center, hosted by the Thailand Sports Tourism Minister Mrs.Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, more than 300 guests from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and other countries attended, strong. Asian Sports Industry Awards (SPIA) in the international reputation, everyone called the Asian sports, "Oscar". SPIA is the "best events Award", "best Asian World Championships and 11 other awards, will attract Asian countries every year hundreds of top sports events to participating in the competition. A total of more than and 200 projects in 11 countries participating this year, many of them held for many years and many participating projects, the parties should not be underestimated. The ceremony site, Xiqiao China hill international super marathon and Bangkok marathon, Cebu, three, Manila color run, Buji marathon, Malaysia steeplechase, Philippines sunset run, Singapore football games and Asian music run common for the SPIA year in large-scale events of gold, silver and bronze. In the end, the Xiqiao international super marathon project with high quality event results, excellent publicity and cultural events with Chinese characteristics, the Asia’s largest gold medal in the event of the year award. In addition, the Hongkong super marathon Association as urban planning agencies in 2016 Xiqiao International Mountain super marathon, also won the 2016 annual best SPIA sports organization award. The best Asian gold medal winner of the previous large-scale events have decades of history and renowned Chinese and foreign Chartered Bank Singapore marathon. The Xiqiao international super marathon is the South China Sea cultural and Sports Bureau, the town of Xiqiao and the relevant departments and groups in the region to create a new project Qi qi. Mount Xiqiao international super marathon gold medal, not only to make up for the China marathon Project Awards at the Asian sports industry (SPIA) blank, but also broke the China events in Asia the year award on the record of zero events. Xiqiao mountain international super marathon was held for the first time this honor, had to let the entire Asian sports community. Awards ceremony, not only shows the strength of the Xiqiao marathon in the marathon, but also effectively to the Asian countries on behalf of the country to promote the Chinese culture in south of the Five Ridges, the South China Sea in Foshan.相关的主题文章:

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