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UnCategorized Diamonds in engagement rings come in different shapes. When you start looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring, then you will have to decide which shape the diamond should be in. The selection of shape should not just compliment the appearance of the ring, but should compliment the hand that wears them too! There is an important difference between the cut and shape of a diamond. The cut refers to the number of facets in a finished diamond. The cut affects the sparkle of the diamond in the ring. The shape, on the other hand, is the overall form that the jewel will take. Each shape has different proportions and dimensions which will give it beautiful finishing. The shape is determined by the lapidary who cuts out the shape of the diamond from its raw form. Most of the shapes can be created by cutting out or rounding the edges. Imperfections in the stone can be removed, and additional facets introduced to augment the exquisiteness of the stone. Many times, the diamond dealers have their own unique cuts, which they license under their name. The couple can decide which shape of the diamond best augments their personality, preferences, and budget. A guideline to basic shapes is given below: Heart: A heart shape diamond in engagement rings is uncommon, as this shape is particularly ideal for earrings and pendants. This is a difficult shape to make, however, if this is the shape the couple wants, be sure to examine the diamond thoroughly for flaws and defects. Pear: This is also known as the teardrop diamond. This shape is an ideal choice for an engagement ring. They are not accented with other stones, and the pear shape makes the fingers look slightly slimmer. Radiant: This is a square shaped diamond, and has very slightly trimmed edges, simply to enhance its brilliance. It is not very commonly used for engagement rings. Princess: This is also a square diamond; however its edges are not trimmed. This is the most popular diamond used in engagement rings, and rings often contain more than one princess diamond, in different or same sizes. Another reason for its popularity is the fact that the shape is less expensive to cut out, as it resembles the original shape of the crystal. Round: This is the most traditional of all shapes in diamonds. A solitaire is the most popular round diamond used in engagement rings. These are extremely multipurpose diamonds, and can be used in other jewelry items. Oval: An oval diamond can be used in engagement rings for women who have small hands, because they blend in with the hand and finger, rather than making the hand stand out. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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