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Careers-Employment Why are some people changes their recent career where they get satisfaction of their wages and also they are facing their work regularly as part of their lives? Well, may be there are reasonable things that we dont know why is it happen and its all our effort to do some research of some important reasons behind it. According to some experts, between three to seven times people are changing their career. It could be switching career field or switching employers. Other than that there are lots of reason that still unrevealed. Even government agencies like DOL who hold lots of hiring positions cannot determine the exact problem of why it was happen. However, as my research goes far beyond and because of my reliable source I took some information in order to determine the causes of this problem. * I want to do something more meaningful to make a difference to peoples lives. Sometimes the day job can seem terribly meaningless. All that hassle, and what are you doing it for? If this strikes a chord, try this exercise. Make a list of all the people or causes that you feel passionate about, and that you would like to be able to help. Is there a pattern? Do you tend to want to help people, animals or the environment? Now make a list of your key skills the things you are good at and enjoy doing. How might these skills benefit the people or causes that you want to help? Look at jobs advertised by the types of organization you are interested in. Do the skills that they are looking for match up with yours? A career coach can help you to consider how you could transfer your skills and make a plan for transition. * People say Ive done really well for myself, but I still feel that theres something missing. I feel that there should be more to life than this. Some people seem to have it all good job, nice house, decent car, the latest fashions but they still arent happy. If this is you if youve got a nagging feeling that youve got something more to accomplish, but you dont know what it is then you might be experiencing a crisis of meaning. This can happen when you lose touch with your purpose in life what you feel you are here to achieve. You are hearing a kind of call to action. The first step is to make space in your life to listen to that call to action. Start a journal and get your thoughts down on paper. Write whatever comes into your head, and dont judge what you write. * I just fell into this job. Its never really been what I want. Now I want to change career to something that Ive considered properly, and know is right for me. It is quite common for people to get a few years into their working life, and realize that they never actively chose what they do for a living. If this is the case for you, the first step is to consider what your skills and interests are. You might want to use one of the skills questionnaires available on the internet e.g. Prospects Planner. It can also be helpful to think back to your earlier years. Remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? Sometimes your younger self had a pretty good idea what you wanted to do! * Im bored. Ive been doing this job for far too long, and theres no challenge any more. For some people, they have just done their job to death. There is nothing new to learn and no new challenges. The main question if you are in this situation is whether you want a complete change, or whether you want to use your experiences in a new way. For example, an accountant may want to try working in the charity sector or become a college lecturer in accounting and finance. Both of these would use accounting experience, but in different environments and with new challenges. It is important to make sense of your situation before you take the huge step of retraining or handing in your notice. *I dont like the atmosphere in my working place. Many of us are adjusting all things in our environment while at work. We have to be polite and hospitable to our co-employees and superiors in order to have a piece of mind. But as days or even years go by you still dont like the atmosphere that is why you have to change your career in order to become successful also like others. * Dissatisfaction with a current employer, either in terms of recognition, prospects or pay. Some People are not satisfied for their current employer because of lack of recognition. For his long years of working he still not get recognize or get promoted even if he does all the proper things at work. Another is dissatisfaction of payments of their service. As if cannot sustain their financial needs. In Additional, Whatever our reasons may be for changing our career it will surely gives us a bad effect in the future. Because we all know that we will not remain at our young age that can always look for any jobs that you want if you dont like the recent one. If that will happen you will really be miserable person at the end. Much better to think many times before you go for any decisions in choosing the right career for you. You have to consider your passion and ability also to do the task so that it will be easy for you to succeed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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