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99% of men, because of this sentence will be concerned about the number of public concern Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! This article from the WeChat public, "heart" in time ticking, a woman sitting on the sofa, holding a remote control constantly change, no matter in which a program stop could not suppress heart irritability, she finally picked up the phone and dialed the number. – Hello? Where are you? Why don’t you go home? – I’m having dinner with a client. You’ve said that many times All right, I know. I’ll go home and say, they call me. The phone hung up, and the woman’s face was covered with tears. Divorce, it’s a hard time! Every evening the rhythm of life, let two people two years of marriage but very little time to talk face to face. She couldn’t endure endless waiting for one night. 1, the man went home. The woman looked at the drunken man more impatient. – let’s get a divorce. Okay, come on, I’m tired, maybe tomorrow. No, you have to make it clear today! Let’s get divorced. I don’t want this to happen. You do well? How many times have I been home so late every day for my own pleasure? Are you as far as you are?   – can’t you think of me? Every day I wait for you to wait so late, I feel good? Don’t you think about how lonely I am? I don’t want to do this? She picked up the morning wearing a yellow coat, walked out the door. The man sitting in the living room sat down on the sofa, sighed and lowered his head. The eighteenth time, this is the eighteenth time, and they get married for two years. A man doesn’t understand a woman in the end how, why every minor to divorce. Divorce is a joke? Can be used to talk about? Divorce is not a "divorce" in modern society and life has not rare words, as early as serious, modern attitudes about marriage is no longer as before so divine. As a matter of fact, divorce is not particularly bad in itself. From two people know each other, then slowly without feelings, and peaceful break, not sin. But if a person often put the divorce in the mouth, it will become a tool and weapon, attack in addition to others, is more of their own. Love said the divorce, usually have a pit, a very fragile, so try to cover up the pit. The pit may be a sense of security, it may be a sense of inferiority. A habitual dependence, afraid of being hurt, pretending to be strong, but not wanting to be abandoned. This kind of person is usually weak and poor. The more powerful expression, the more able to explain their vulnerability. As if I could take the world, I couldn’t even hold myself. Once the other side so unbearable, say: "good, let’s get divorced." When, the line of defense will collapse first, what相关的主题文章:

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