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Believe it or not, when it comes to redesigning and renovating your home some men really do enjoy participating in the decision making process. Don’t be afraid to ask the guy in your life his thoughts on space planning, lighting design or even which paint colors he prefers. You might be surprised by his insights and even more by his "taste." But, lets face it ladies, the majority of men prefer to spend time in two places, on the couch in front of the television–and in the bathroom. So as you plan your home design projects, why not ask for their advice and suggestions and turn these two beloved areas into spaces you both can enjoy. Entertainment Systems Choosing the right home entertainment system and more importantly integrating it into your home design is vital to the overall scheme of your space. When planning your living room, family room or den, make sure you take into account the entertainment systems available today. Whether it’s a wall mounted HD flat screen television, computer stations, or a fully integrated entertainment system wired throughout your house, do your homework together, time it right, and educate yourselves on the best solution for you. Trust me – when it comes to selecting electronics – your guy will lead the way. Seating Invite him to join you when shopping for family room seating. Have him sit–and more importantly– lay on all the sofas you’re considering. Is it too short? Are the cushions too hard, too soft or just right? But always keep in mind the size of the room it will be living in and scale the furniture accordingly. When I designed a sofa for our family room, not only did we need to built it extra long to accommodate my husband’s 6′-2" frame, but he also loved the feel of a "down envelope" seat cushions. (a premium piece of foam wrapped in layers of down feathers). So before the sofa was about to be upholstered, we met at the fabricator’s workroom and tried it on for size and comfort. Years later it’s still a perfect fit. Bathroom You may be surprised, but today some men spend as much time in the bathroom as women. With everyone’s hectic lifestyles, we could all use an escape – at least for a little while. From separate sinks to his and her closets, this is one space that’s critical to both you and your hubby. So the next time you take on a master bath remodel, if at all possible – and if space allows – consider these design ideas to make yourself and your significant other very happy. For Him: * Design his own separate sink, mirror and lighting * Separate storage cabinets (no more that 12 inches deep) * Use rich wood tones on cabinetry * Elevate the height of the countertops to 36" * Install a steam shower with a built in bench and rain shower head * With space and budget permitting, design an enclosed toilet or (WC) * room complete with storage, a magazine rack, wall mounted telephone and small plasma TV. (My client calls this his "Command Center") Separate closet For Her: * Design her own separate sink, mirror and lighting * Separate storage cabinets (no more than 12 inches deep) * Use muted and soft spa-like colors and textures * Select soft toned stone countertops and floors * Design a 30" high make-up vanity with drawers, a large mirror and ambient and task lighting for makeup * Install an oversized soaker/spa tub for luxurious baths * Separate closet About the Author: Lori Gilder, is an Award winning Interior Designer specializing in high-end residential renovations and additions. Lori is the CEO and Founder of Interior Makeovers Inc. and LoriGilder.com. She is dedicated to providing accessible design expertise and guidance, tailored to fit each individual homeowners lifestyle. Sign Up Now to receive your FREE copy of "How to Avoid the 15 Most Common Decorating Mistakes" Article Published On: – Home-and-Family 相关的主题文章:

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