A woman must know about this since she was 25 years old! It’s too late to be late! jkforum

A woman must know about this since she was 25 years old! It’s too late to be late! Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! (text: beauty expert Hou Dianju micro-blog) the first hurdles women from the age of 25 aging: collagen began to drain rapidly, to the appearance of fine lines and skin. Collagen in the 30 years of age because you are married to hormonal changes, the skin becomes dull, yellow, wrinkles began to emerge, tiny spots pigmentation and acne. Stain and acne to 35 years of age when your skin appears loose, nasolabial fold, legal lines, uneven pigmentation, and even have a double chin. Double chin at the age of 40 after the stain is increasing, the skin worse, pouch, 38 lines, crow’s feet continued to increase, let you worry more than ever. The skin is much worse than a lot of friends do not hesitate to spend money to buy expensive cosmetics, but the skin is still as long as after the removal of acne, dark, dry, fine lines, large pores, yellow gas… This is water shortage! How will the skin dry? The results show that: 1 eyes in the dry state for 3 hours in a day will be intense darkness without light, no light; 2, hand in a dry state for 1 days, 3 days to restore the original elasticity; 3, face 3 days in the dry state, the skin will peel, wrinkles, skin pigmentation accelerated; 4 the face, in the dry state for more than 7 days, will have a stain, accumulation of toxins, need 3 months of recovery; 5, the body dry state for more than 30 days, to generate a variety of stubborn stains, wrinkles, skin aging speed of 3 years. Dry skin every one of us is the envy of the 35 year old live into a 18 year old super milf; they even can show 25 year old Christina beautiful scene at the age of 60; and looked back to the mirror that out wrinkles, bad skin, collagen can no longer with you, youth no longer the anxiety attack on the heart. When you find time is a thief, it makes you old and weak. What worries? Only you can make hyaluronic acid, old color bad, let the age for you is just an ordinary digital! Have you ever been so confused? 25-35 years old face began to appear fine lines, the skin has become rough due to lack of water, acne acne and pigmentation growth is obvious. 35-45 years old wrinkles began to deepen gradually, the skin becomes dark, coarse, large pores, pigmentation more serious, the gradual relaxation of the skin. 45-55 years of age, facial wrinkles have been formed, facial contour relaxation sagging, pigment spots have seriously affected the appearance. Who affects your face? 1, wrinkled women after the age of 25 years, the skin elastic fibers become weak, collagen synthesis factors began to slow down, reduce the activity of skin protein. 2, facial droop with age, facial muscles gradually lose elasticity, coupled with gravity, coarse maintenance, aging and other factors, resulting in the face on both sides.相关的主题文章:

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