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Aocai Forum: how to choose the starting point of Kanpan lecture series aocai belated effort analysis of a disc, you can find N a dish explanation, is self comfort, that is of practical significance to skills or not, any bets are in the unknown circumstances, make the right choices, if belated effort can be classified sorting out, have a technical document, if only a pile of messy skills, after wringing gimmick, as neither promises nor character. The starting point is to determine the unknown key step, a normal disc angle, the more common, can be based on the position, adjust the direction, chupan adjustment, scale degree, combination of standard flat trend, variable spot and so on, as well as the League features, team gap, league stage, weather race such as force majeure, the same round of comparison, difference, and let the natural handicap level differences and other auxiliary factors, which are all piled into a disc, the disc will not judge the direction, will judge the results obtained are all possible. Select the starting point, first everyone’s habit of thinking It differs from man to man., different, more adapted to high relief plate, or to meet the stationary plate, the plate really false dish have different understandings, these things conform to their own weaknesses Tastes differ all tastes., habits, it is the legendary road, naturally, to see their own, but also the most basic meal starting point. After selecting the basic point of view, is considered on the basis of superposition technique, this is not a habit can be solved, have a fixed standard, most can not do is repeat a question, which is the most common habit, on the surface is two, the actual repeat one thing. For example, on the precipitation of 10 points, the scale is bound to precipitation, and the precipitation standard standard flat or guest wins at least one point in the premium, if you go to the various changes of superposition standard dish that is not covered, analysis, but. The rationality of collocation, needs the logic system, requires detailed data validation, also need time to accumulate experience, this is the most massive most difficult task, not just a few words to explain clearly, this is only for the basic model to explain several. For example, a high level of semi chupan precipitation, first starting point is to let the ball hanging chupan is weak, barely is bad team, second auxiliary factors scale combination, if is lower, the precipitation process bid level unchanged, that is the standard wins in the footwall wins in the premium scale precipitation, then consider the footwall, only a draw if is the standard flat; chupan high hanging weak disc it is certainly low bid wins wins lower standard, from the low water in half high water starting grids, generally also rose to about 2.80 liters of water, low rise, and this is not high, only consider the footwall footwall win. For example, a ball disc high water for precipitation, the depth of a ball here, the standard victory is already low, normal precipitation will win subscript, standard premium, less number of standard flat open on the average, how does not move on the precipitation, which is a ball disc most easily flat board because of the real number, contrary to the normal rules, including this is half a plate of the draw..相关的主题文章:

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