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Fall out baby warm in moderation – Sohu child in the mother’s eyes, the baby is very fragile, when the howling wind hit, the mother didn’t know how to wear warm clothes to the baby. Therefore, when take the baby out, mom will be three floors and three floors with clothes, for fear of cold and cold by the baby, but the baby wear too much easier to catch a cold, and even induce cold. After the winter warm baby out 1 errors to the baby to wear more warm every year in late autumn, the temperature is easy to appear suddenly diving, many mothers if the baby cannot withstand a sudden cold, for the baby to wear many clothes, so that it can resist the cold, avoid cold and flu. Can it be like this? In fact, when the autumn season transition, baby clothes add not too fast, if the temperature is slightly reduced immediately add clothes, will let the baby body reduce cold tolerance. In addition, if the temperature fluctuated, again, not in when temperatures rise in time for the baby to take off extra clothes but will let the baby more easily to catch a cold, cold and sweating. 2 go to shopping malls and supermarkets, many mothers know the baby stay at home is not good, to go out with your baby always love to go to the shopping malls, supermarkets and other places that meet the needs of the baby, and not cold. How about going out to a place like this? Although take the baby to the shopping malls and supermarkets can increase the amount of activity, but can not meet the requirements of outdoor activities. It is best to take the baby to the open place, inhaled fresh air, do not advocate to go to the cinema and other small space, poor air circulation, crowded places, in such a field susceptible to pathogenic bacteria and viruses. If the temperature allows, try to bring your baby outdoors. 3 cold simply do not go out cold, many mothers fear the baby catch cold, will not dare to take the baby to the outdoor. Does the baby nest in the home for a long time? In fact, outdoor activities are very important for the baby, autumn and winter should take the baby out of the sun, to breathe fresh air outdoors. Autumn dry climate in winter, outdoor sun, air and wind stimulation, can make the baby skin and respiratory tract mucosa exercise, improve the environment temperature change adaptability and resistance, enhance physical fitness, improve immunity. Outdoor activities can make your baby full of sleep quality. Ultraviolet ray can also kill bacteria and viruses, help to form vitamin D in the skin, help to promote the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorus and ossification, and ensure the normal growth of infants and young children’s bones and teeth. To effectively prevent the occurrence of infantile rickets, rickets. In addition, with the baby to the outdoors, increase visual stimulation, can subtly affect the child’s social skills. How to dress is the most appropriate? In the autumn and winter can let the baby "freeze", moderately improve the baby’s tolerance to cold, which helps to improve the baby body resistance. However, if the temperature dropped badly, or to increase clothing at the right time. In general, the clothes add too fast is not good, is not conducive to the exercise tolerance of cold baby. Many parents pay attention to warm, but ignored the cold tolerance training, resulting in baby encounter.相关的主题文章:

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