Autumn eat grapefruit there are so many benefits how to pick remember these 5 points (video) christie stevens

In autumn, there are so many benefits to eat grapefruit how to pick remember that these 5 grapefruit is a very good health food, but also can play the role of beauty. Grapefruit flesh of the benefits of whitening and dispel stain grapefruit is rich in vitamin C, vitamin C can effectively make the skin of the stain. Grapefruit will be cut after pouring some honey, and then gently smear, massage the skin, so as to whiten the skin. Grapefruit contains a lot of vitamin C for the body secrete collagen has a very important role, often eat grapefruit, can make our skin becomes more plump and smooth, has a good skin care effect. Prevention of stroke, a new study found that grapefruit contains a flavonoid, can effectively reduce the risk of stroke. This oxidant in our body can enhance the function of blood vessels and anti-inflammatory effect, often eat grapefruit can protect our brains. Enhance the physical grapefruit can effectively help the body absorb calcium and iron, for the body is very good. In addition, grapefruit is rich in natural folic acid, which is very good for pregnant women or pregnant women, can effectively prevent anemia, and also has a good role in promoting fetal development. Conducive to weight loss nutrition experts found that every day before meals to eat half or 14 grapefruit, and then adhere to more than twelve weeks time, can play a very good role in weight loss. Grapefruit is rich in cellulose, so that people have a sense of fullness, reduce calorie intake, cellulose will also be excreted in the intestine fat, reduce fat accumulation. Protect the heart to eat a grapefruit every day, can effectively reduce the body’s bad cholesterol and triglycerides. In particular, deep red grapefruit is better for heart health, because it contains higher oxidants. Grapefruit skin benefits cough expectorant grapefruit skin has a better cough expectorant effect. If the cough with abundance of phlegm occurred during the winter, then the pomelo leather fritillary has good treatment effect. Method: after the grapefruit peel chopped and Fritillaria and honey together into the pot cooking, boiled after sealed storage, take a day sooner or later. This method is for what the elderly cough and get dry mouth, foot fever has good treatment effect. Chilblain after dried grapefruit peel boiled, and then hot compress in the frostbite position on it. But need to remind that the wound place do not to compress, or not conducive to wound healing. In addition, the hot compress must adhere to a period of time, can not give up halfway. And the hot compress process should be gradually heating, not too hot can. Only by adhering to these considerations, it can make the rapid recovery of frostbite. In addition, be sure to get rid of all the white flesh with grapefruit skin, so as to make the smell more intense aroma and curative effect will be better. How to select grapefruit 1, select the circle is not selected, the more sharp the better. 2, the election is not small, big head mature will be better. 3, yellow does not choose green, yellow than the blue mature earlier. 4, choose not to choose light weight, heavy fruit is full. 5, the selection of grapefruit when holding the bottom with your fingers, according to the best move. Winter to eat grapefruit you do not know the mystery of the deep processing of grapefruit相关的主题文章:

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