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How to do the nursing of children with eczema infantile eczema can not be sloppy baby eczema is a common skin disease of infancy, belong to allergy (or allergic diseases), the exact cause is sometimes hard to find. Usually call infantile eczema if treatment with milk ringworm, tinea "about" for the treatment of infantile eczema, the disease will increase. What symptom does infantile eczema have? Infantile eczema is a common and frequently occurring disease in infants and young children within 2 years of age. It may be infantile eczema or atopic dermatitis in infancy. At the beginning of second or third months after birth, there are also reported to occur after the birth of second or third weeks, but this time it is difficult to diagnose. The lesions occurred mainly in the cheeks, forehead, scalp, individual cases may develop to the trunk and extremities. The main characteristics of the rash can be divided into two types, exudative type and dry type. Exudative eczema occurs more often in infants with obesity and exudative. Early in the cheeks, erythema, erythema on the boundary is not clear, dense tip papules, papulovesicles and blister fluid. The seepage drying form uneven thickness of yellow crusts, often due to itching, scratching, friction and partial callus exfoliation, revealed how seepage quantity of red liquid erosion surface. The weight can affect the entire face and scalp. If there is a secondary infection of visible pustules, local lymph node enlargement with systemic symptoms or fever. A small number of children due to improper handling extended to the whole body into erythroderma, and often accompanied by diarrhea, malnutrition, lymphadenopathy etc.. The dry type of skin rash is common in thin baby, pale red to dark red patches and dense small papules and no blisters, dry skin, no obvious exudation, attached to the surface of gray and white bran like scales. Often involving the face, trunk and limbs. When mild infiltration, chronic chapped, scratches or blood knot callus. Treatment of infantile eczema: 1, an antidote against the disease. Find out the cause of infantile eczema, symptomatic treatment. In the course of treatment, the mother should pay attention to reasonable feeding, careful care. Find the cause of the first time when considering to feed babies have food allergies, food allergies as general animal protein allergy; the need to pay attention to is that even if the mother ate animal protein, such as milk, some seafood, can also be passed to the baby through breastfeeding, so when watching baby food, milk as a source of concern should be. If it is found that the current mode of infant eczema caused by the suspect, it is necessary to change the mode of breast-feeding. 2, diphenhydramine syrup, compound vitamin B, vitamin C is effective in the treatment of eczema, some of the more commonly used in drugs. 3, eczema is a skin disease, so the main method in the use of medication treatment, can add some medicine to help, but as the skin lesions and, especially when the water erosion or redness, use more is to pay attention to the pharmacy, detailed consultation. Nursing care of children with eczema cannot careless treatment of infantile eczema is to make the baby successfully recover, follow-up care can not be ignored, so here are some matters needing attention: first to skin contact some stimulating substances, alkaline soap and hot water are not available to contact the affected part. .相关的主题文章:

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