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"Baiyun bridge" to mention 11.18 Thriller Trailer revealed Doom – Sohu entertainment "Jiangnan Baiyun bridge". The new poster Sohu entertainment news by young female director Zhong Xuan to create a domestic thriller supernatural book "Jiangnan Baiyun bridge" (hereinafter referred to as the "Baiyun bridge") released the poster trailer, mention November 18th. A film by the famous Hongkong actor Deric Wan, Zhong Xuan, Liu Yu, Xia, Wang? And Hongkong star starring Li Zhuolin, tells the story of a Ming Tong Yin and yang to punish the horror story across the mountain. Yesterday (October 30th), the film in Sanlitun organized a call anti abortion theme activities, cited visitors stop to wait and see. "Baiyun bridge" to mention 11.18 thriller doom Movie Trailer revealed "Baiyun bridge" announced to mention in November 18th, and the first pilot trailer, thriller frightening experience. "The bridge of yin and Yang, and meet" to pick up the story, the face of her husband’s infidelity and their child aborted fetus, Meng Yan (Zhong Xuan ornaments) by some mysterious power control, began to her husband Zhang Qing (Deric Wan ornaments) revenge. Tortured Zhang Qing in the face of evil wife Meng Yan, guilt and fear. Two people how to get rid of this "bear a Wraith III, with" the doom, become mystery. The child’s footprints, Ming Tong and tears the nameless hands, a series of questions to break the silence of the night, all kinds of horror elements directed at the climax, the audience has a strong look. The film director said in Baiyun bridge where the mountain scenery 100 days Xiangquan Bay, filming lasted two months, the latter is for nine months, the remarkable degree of care. Through this trailer will be able to enjoy some of the "2016 Cannes International Film Festival, the only Chinese film" style. The new posters on the bridge of yin and Yang Bridge offering dead ghost discovered in Sanlitun Baiyun bridge area south of the Yangtze River is a thousand years old bridge, legend of the seat connected with the Yin and Yang of the two circles, one can be here to pay homage to dead relatives. In the traditional winter clothing festival (lunar calendar October 1st), people in the grave limited memory of loved ones, the movie "Baiyun bridge as a" parent "version of ghost" movies, there are more profound meaning fit, so the film released a new poster. The poster in the eerie Baiyun bridge clouds linger, vaguely see the QiaoShang Railway Station with a long hair covering the woman ghost enemy. The previous day, the movie poster in the ghost "to" Beijing Sanlitun. Five tall sexy "ghost" someone holding the "baby", some people holding signs up "where did you abort children?" "They went to a dark and cold place", "against abortion without justification" and other slogans to promote the theme of anti abortion film. The director said the shooting "core meaning" Baiyun bridge is "anti abortion", in the hope that the audience can stimulate more than take some thinking out of the theater.相关的主题文章:

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