Bang! In the 6 floor, cleaning the window of the sister even fell down with a cage queer as folk

Bang! In the 6 floor, cleaning the window of the sister and even the cage fell together in September 19th 12:43, a gentleman calls: just a cleaner fell from the 6 floor! The site is located in Hangzhou Dingqiao residential high-rise after the Pearl River Metro nga. When we arrived at the scene, Security Master Lu, floor master and several small area is to talk about the scene aunt. "Probably at 11:40, we are ready to eat lunch, suddenly ‘Bang’ sound very loud, very loud, something hit on the two floor of the platform!" Then, the door post beside the District 1 building a voice exclaimed, "a man fell to the!" Lu master, master immediately to the 1 floor, two floor, building 1 Platform on the street, the one or two layers are shops, and a width of 10 meters large platform is formed on the two floor, 3 floor tenants are out of this platform when the courtyard flowers and grass. Loud noise, is from the platform to upload. Two 3 unit 3 floor master knocked on the door of a family, that came to the two level platform. Residential property Xing Xing director also with two staff came. Yesterday, Miss Ye gave me a few photos she took photographs of the scene, falls are the eldest sister, wearing a pink T-shirt and red pants, on the two floor of the platform lying on the ground, there is two pieces of stainless steel cage debris, a broken yellow plastic bucket and a cover has been broken into two parts a cloth mop…… "When we approached she can talk," save me, save me. "…… The voice is weak." Miss Ye found that she basically no trauma and no bleeding, but people kept shouting, pain, pain……" Miss Ye quickly call 120, Lu master, floor master went to carry a big umbrella for the injured sister shade. About 20 minutes after the ambulance arrived, the injured sister walked away to hospital. We observed in the two floor of the incident, found that there are mainly in the destruction of the 4 places – the first is the cage. Cage is an ordinary stainless steel material, looks like six or seven into new, cage in the face of the 5, the front and bottom has been off. We speculated that the elder sister was in the cage in the outside of the window glass scrubbing, cage did not eat her weight, suddenly opened, causing the accident. Second is the 50X room (just below is the sister fall the window) window above the plastic awning. Although not the rain awning, but fixed on the wall of the side, two screws have been prolapse, should be after the first fall in the sister falling on the awning. Third is the 3 floor tenants installed on the platform of a glass canopy. After the 5 floor penthouse buffer, second sister falls on this piece of clear tempered glass, glass has been completely cracked ice. The last in the two layer platform, fortunately in this area just put some potted plants, sister falls smashed several pots. If the falling angle is slightly larger, fell on the platform side is near the road, is likely to hit the platform owners to build flower, fence, consequences be unbearable to contemplate. Husband: wife sister falls alone for 10 years, have good health a lot of repeat customers at 3 in the afternoon, the provincial people’s hospital emergency room, after cleaning sister lying in bed with his eyes closed, her pain, quilt tuck tightly. Her husband and sister stood quietly beside her bed. After diagnosis, sister pelvis fracture, and sacrum, sacral and even"相关的主题文章:

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