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Beijing November 17th orange police started in November 16th why? Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Wang Shuo) today (November 16th) morning, Beijing heavy air pollution emergency command announced on 17 March 0 at the start of heavy pollution orange signal warning. Yesterday 8 a.m., Beijing regional air quality is still good to light pollution level, why suddenly announced to sound the "orange police"? According to the Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center, November 16th to 19, the weather in North China tends to be stable, pollution diffusion conditions are unfavorable, will the regional air pollution process. Beijing City, the temperature will gradually rise, inversion enhancement, increased humidity, ground to southerly winds, weather conditions are not conducive to the spread of pollution, is expected to be a continuing pollution process, including 17, 18, 19, has reached a state of severe pollution. In accordance with the Beijing heavy air pollution emergency plan to predict heavy air pollution will continue for 3 days (72 hours), should start orange warning level two. According to the requirements, orange warning by the city air pollution emergency command headquarters approved by the city air pollution emergency command office 24 hours ahead of the organization released. Expected, 20, by the strong cold air, air quality will reach a good level. Link two orange warning emergency measures 1 health protection measures. (1) to remind children, the elderly and respiratory, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and other susceptible groups to stay indoors, avoid outdoor activities. (2) the general population should try to avoid outdoor activities, such as outdoor activities can take appropriate protective measures such as wearing masks. (3) environmental protection, health, education and other departments and the county government respectively by industry and territorial management requirements, strengthen the heavy air pollution emergency, health protection and other aspects of popular science knowledge propaganda, organize experts to carry out health consultation, explain the protection of knowledge. (4) medical and health institutions to strengthen the medical treatment of respiratory diseases and emergency duty. 2 proposed emergency measures. (1) primary and secondary schools, kindergartens to stop outdoor activities. (2) the public as far as possible to take public transport travel, reduce motor vehicles on the road; in time to stop the car, to reduce the idle speed of the vehicle in place. (3) further measures shall be taken to reduce pollutant emissions. 3 mandatory emergency measures. (1) on the basis of routine operations, the focus of the road more than 1 times a day to clean up, reduce traffic dust pollution. (2) stop earthwork, demolition, concrete pouring, construction waste and sediment transport, spray paint and other construction work; take dustproof measures on the construction site, bare ground, material etc.. (3) in accordance with the orange signal warning of industrial enterprises have ceased production during the list of heavy air pollution, the implementation of measures to limit production shutdown. (4) the construction waste and muck truck, concrete truck and gravel transport vehicles and other heavy vehicles on the road. (5) ban on fireworks and outdoor barbecue.相关的主题文章:

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