Beijing Pinggu line to be built first 9 east station the first building segment from the Tong

Beijing Pinggu line to be built first 9 east station   the first building segment from the Tongzhou – Beijing channel: original title: Pinggu intends to build 9 east line Beijing subway station really to Hebei. Beijing and Hebei’s first cross city rail transit — Pinggu line transfer of concern to the latest news. Yesterday, Pinggu first line quality website linked to the EIA announcement released, compared to the previous information related departments, the EIA is included in the eastern section of 9 stations across the board rather than. The reporter understands, Hiratani Yumi first to start building the eastern section of 9 stations, this section from Tongzhou into Hebei, eventually turned into Pinggu, is worthy of the name of the regional express. The first segment from the Tongzhou construction quality of the EIA announcement, specifically to the Pinggu line in Beijing metro line 22, this has become the largest number of Beijing subway line. Beijing subway first drive out of Beijing, the industry has also been the rail transit line known as Beijing, Tianjin and rail transportation integration model line". The "model line" to enter the EIA is only part of the line, project East District of Pinggu, through Sanhe to Tongzhou District Xu Xin Zhuang region of Hebei Province, the overall was east-west. Total length of 55 km, with a total of 9 stations. Since the first round of environmental impact assessment, specific information has not been fully disclosed. Daily economic news reporter noted that 55 km mileage compared to previously released lines have been reduced. A full two months ago, Pinggu district development and Reform Commission has issued a plan for the Pinggu line, then planning a length of 74 km, the station of 12. Pinggu line planning and construction related staff said, according to the preliminary plan, the 9 stations from the west to the east to take the lead in building station, Xu Xinzhuang station, Yanjiao station, Yan Shun Qi Xin Zhuang station, Mafang station, Machangying station, Pinggu west station, Pinggu station and Bay station?. The EIA announcement also disclosed, take the lead in building the East, Beijing line length of approximately 32 kilometers, set up 6 stations, in addition to wear under the six ring road section about 2.5 kilometers underground, the rest are ground and overhead lines; Hebei line length of approximately 23 kilometers, set up 3 stations, the Hebei section of the line for the ground and the overhead line, and a vehicle base and overhaul base set up in Yanjiao. Previously, the starting point of the Pinggu line is located in the center of the city, and line 14 can be achieved by the transfer of Dongfeng Beiqiao station. The design of the highest speed of 160 km more than 50 km mileage of only 9 stations, the average station spacing of about 5 km, the Pinggu line is different from any subway line in Beijing subway operation. Previously, the highest speed of 100 kilometers per hour in Beijing subway, but the design speed of the Pinggu line soared to 160 km. The official said, the Pinggu line will be used in the train will be the big iron (National Railway) on the 160 km per hour train, speed, appearance, internal structure is different from the ordinary subway train. According to the disclosure of the relevant departments of the two cities this year, Pinggu line strive to start at the end of this year. Analysis of veteran told reporters a subway of the city planning, in part to speed the subway, a taste of the extension may be counter productive, "the general speed subway is only twenty or thirty kilometers per hour, across Beijing and Hebei two)相关的主题文章:

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