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China girls substitute day: American primary school what I have always thought that schools and universities like the winter vacation is nearly a month before Christmas, from around January 20th. Until going to a primary school substitute, I only know that students have already finished the happy winter vacation. So it seems that the Chinese primary and middle school students’ winter vacation is longer, so it is not so easy to say that American students. There is no Chinese style gate in this primary school, only a small brand with the name of the school is set up on the roadside. Because it is winter, although sunny but outdoor or cold and windy, the huge playground, not a child. I walked into the building, but a closed door at the door of my isolation. A tall security guard suddenly opened the door for me to show my ID (American driver’s license) and tell him the name of my contact. Then he gave me a VISITOR tag in the neck. I noticed that the house was all grade one or two students, each one of them is the hallway cabinet (not lock LOCKER), cupboard with each small coat and bag etc.. Security uncle is very kind, and the children are talking to him and his chat. After the formalities he took me out just the door, then pointed to another building in the distance and said my contacts over there. The school look so I went on the cold wind, but why this building and the door closed ah! How can I get in? Just think of here, another fat security uncle and smile for me to open the door, I will lead to Ms. M’s office. All this makes me feel that the United States in primary and secondary schools really good ah! Each floor has a security, not exclusion into chaos, everyone needs liangmingshenfen and contacts to enter. This is the best way to ensure the safety of children. The primary school classroom on the wall all picture stickers, desks and chairs in the classroom is not a row of neatly arranged but four or five tables together like a team. Into the classroom can not see the podium, because there is no as high as a step of the domestic cement mixture. Inside the room there is a desk, the above is a variety of books, pictures of small things colorful look good. There is a SMART BOARD in the classroom (interactive whiteboard), which is basically a standard in American schools. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with this area, so I still use whiteboard teaching, but also with a lot of their own graphics. I notice to substitute, do not give me books look at them what to learn, just say you to teach them the quadrilateral. I really had Kung Fu ah, because the United States the third grade primary school geometry is basically at the first grade level. Domestic three grades are beginning to learn how to find the perimeter of the quadrilateral, but here is still the first contact with the beginning of the cognitive stage. But I am pleased that they are aware of the quadrilateral, but also know the different types and characteristics. This makes me more relaxed class, I play games with them, to give them a look at the color of my colorful quadrilateral, teach them to find the characteristics of the distinction and to determine the Philippines相关的主题文章:

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