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"Chinese relation" launched Shen Yan Liu Haibo Chinese. – Sohu analytic entertainment director Shen Yan, director Liu Haibo Liu Haibo directed by Sohu entertainment circles "gold partner" Shen Yan, Liu Haibo directed the joint Chen Jianbin, Ma Yili led the realistic theme of humor drama starring "Chinese type relationship" has satellite TV, in Beijing last night in the East TV blockbuster launch. The drama tells the story of Chen Jianbin’s official business officer Ma Guoliang in the sea in the sea and human’s story. After the hot summer siege IP drama drama market out of such a strength to write drama, have to say brighten. Director Shen Yan, Liu Haibo, Ma Yili, Chen Jianbin with the creator, a unique "Chinese black humor" and lead the audience to resolve each of us inevitably in the traditional code of conduct. Realistic plays to pick up Shen Yan Liu Haibo: today’s reality theme handy China TV market, the adaptation of the novel, the game adaptation of the TV series emerge in an endless stream. From the martial arts fantasy to the youth campus, the category of amorous feelings but the lack of a certain reality. Summer fantasy drama bombing has let the audience slightly fatigued. The launch of a realistic blockbuster "China relationship", based on the present situation of Chinese marriage, will be concentrated to the human society in different poses and with different expressions a little official business on the body. The child is father of the man, the audience resonate. Chinese style relations, the two director Shen Yan, Liu Haibo also said that realism is the subject matter of their most resonate, even if the future attempts to create IP drama, will also consider sticking to the reality of things. Believe that the director of the best drama type, but also can be on the screen for the audience to bring more exciting. Focus on the middle-aged group of Shen Yan Liu Haibo to humor to defuse the crisis "Chinese relation" tells the story of an official business, middle-aged people to start a business story. The appearance of every hue people and things, played by Chen Jianbin Ma Guoliang perpendicular and horizontal relationships in the officialdom and shopping "". The drama of the old drama Lu Lu, the teacher also said: Chinese style relationship is a sticky relationship network, people are not careful to be stuck to the head, and was glued to the other side. The Chinese style humor to crack this dilemma, is the most clever approach." Director Shen Yan and director Liu Haibo handle the embarrassment and trouble of human feelings in a humorous way. The reality of the pressure to resolve the Chinese style of humor in the form of the formation of China’s unique "Chinese style relations".相关的主题文章:

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