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[color] baby Shuangseqiu 16127th recommended [color] music summary baby heart small day Shuangseqiu 16127 forecast: the leading code see 2016126 period Shuangseqiu lottery results 020612171819 + 10, and the value fell to 74 points, 1 road and tail values separated by three period coming back up, this let us use double the history of this tool to further the analysis of the previous 127 period award number rule: 127 from 2005 to 2015 out of a total of 11, more than 10 leading award, only a period (in particular in 2011127 out of 16), the other 10 were in the range of 01-07 falls, of which the red 02 is the most active one. The 2016127 stage should be considered small values leading continued to fall, mainly optimistic about the performance of prime number. Take another look at performance in the past 127 Phoenix number lottery, skewed 1 prefix in only 2009127 out of 16 Phoenix, another 3 out of a total of 6 period award number prefix, showing some hot, 2 prefix numbers are out of 25-28-29-27, numerical fluctuations, the next period and sixth to 3 prefix red ball closeout. From the history of the 11 period and the value of the ball data observed below 100 points and the total value of out of 7, and the minimum value is 70, and the maximum value is 96; more than 100 points and only out of 4, the control points in the 100-136 range fluctuated slightly, 2016127 Lord above 100 and the value of force. From the number of consecutive odd odd number form, continuous code in the 11 group (2005127 out of 5 in period 2006127, 2011127, 2012127 and 2014127 respectively), the remaining six odd number group number for all 02016127 consecutive odd number of continuous covering weak signal can be ruled out, kill form code 1113, 2527. In the history of the 11 period award number basketball ball are 12-01-11-13-04-01-11-08-14-12-06, the size ratio of 6:5, ratio of 5:62016127 parity advice sought after small, odd number (size: 01-08 is small, 09-16 is big). 8+2 recommended: 03,06,07,20,26,28,31,32 + 01,03 double 6+1:03,06,20,26,31,32 + 03 (source: baby net color) [color] biyuntian forecast baby Shuangseqiu 16127th period: a blue 01 red lore 3 bile: 04,12,16 five red recommended: 04,05,11,12,16 ball lottery number forecast ball: 19 smash kill kill kill code 3: red 01,18,19 kill kill code No. 6: 01,15,18,19,23,32 kill red basketball: 04 cast three basket: 03,04,15 recommended a free basketball PICK: 02,03,04,09,15 a winner)相关的主题文章:

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