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"Confinement" sit for a month, why women new misfortune? Sohu of new maternal maternal confinement in bed motionless unexpectedly Henghuo recruit Xiao Wu Caesarean birth a son, after discharge of family care. Because the Caesarean wound was still aching, Xiao Wu did not want to get out of bed, plus the family always told: "confinement people don’t move, don’t touch the water, do not blow, or will fall." So Ms. Wu rarely get out of bed, but there is little to go around, in addition to all activities during feeding, Xiao Wu confinement are basically completed in bed. Suddenly one day, Xiao Wu found his left leg swollen, everyone in the family that is normal postpartum. Xiao Wu did not pay much attention to. When Xiao Wu felt left leg swelling, pain, was rushed to the hospital to check, the result was due to improper Xiao Wu "confinement" had pulmonary embolism. The family find doctors but can help Xiao Wu survive but everything is too late, the angel mother gone. The doctor said: "the older generation believes that the new mommy should stay in bed. This concept should be changed, because after the completion of changes in hormone levels, can easily lead to thrombosis. No matter is the birth or cesarean section, new mothers should be early ambulation." One month postpartum due to various organs of the body are in the rest period, prenatal disorder also appears than The new supersedes the old. much, how to return to the prenatal level in just a month? This is the meaning of "confinement". To rest at the same time we must rest, exercise or movement is prohibited too much is not conducive to maternal health, people on the "confinement" what misunderstanding, we then look down to the old concept of error correction: inventory not reliable "confinement" in fact, the "confinement" bad habits have been It is often seen.. Not blowing, bathing, brushing hair, etc., for many women "confinement" is a kind of torture. So the traditional custom in the end it? How the scientific "confinement"? Women can not blow air conditioning? To avoid air can be blown, experts said, summer confinement should be avoided due to the indoor temperature is too high, and fever and other puerperalism phenomenon. If the indoor temperature is too high, should be appropriate to use air conditioning cooling, but can not be blown to the air, the temperature of the air conditioning to be controlled at 26 degrees celsius. There are many mothers to breastfeed the baby is wearing a wool cap, which will lead to the hat to sweat out, easy to breed bacteria cause infection; on the other hand, some pregnant women was too hot, sometimes take this hat in the air conditioning room heat, hot and cold, but more prone to colds. Many old people say a woman can not see wind, otherwise it will leave the problem. But we do not necessarily see the wind is caused by back pain, but maternal production of sacroiliac ligament relaxation can not be restored, caused by muscle, ligament and connective tissue injuries caused by back pain. Confinement can not take a bath? Do not take a bath skin easy to inflammation, infection of the old man said, "confinement" avoid wind to avoid water, these claims also lack scientific basis)相关的主题文章:

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