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Daniel Wu many years later to cooperate with Zhang Jingchu: I am old her mature – Beijing Daniel Wu Beijing, November 13 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xi) 13, the action crime film "towering fire" held a grand "hesui Liaoyuan" movie premiere conference in Beijing. Director Ringo Lam and starring Daniel Wu, Zhang Ruoyun, Zhang Jingchu, Amber Kuo, Chang Hsiao Chuan debut, shared the story behind the movie. The conference site, the film side announced a "fire up" trailer, which really play really hit hot picture won praise. The film director Ringo Lam said that the skyscraper collapse of the screen will let the audience feel very shocking. Amber Kuo said the film the implantation of a "regenerative medicine" concept, Lam said, "the study indicates that the regeneration" is in fact everyone cannot avoid illness and death, is the practice of life. Also hope that through this film tells the current valuable life of young people, so that everyone can pay attention to and protect our homeland and transfer between true love. For Daniel Wu, Zhang Ruoyun, Zhang Jingchu, invited Amber Kuo, starring Chang Hsiao Chuan, Ringo Lam said jokingly, "a collection of gold, wood, water, fire and earth" five elements. In his opinion, when shooting insurance was interrupted nasal Daniel Wu is "; Zhang Jingchu is just the opposite True gold does not fear fire", a freely flowing style of writing the same feeling, it is unpredictable. Zhang Ruoyun in the film was to avenge his father’s grievances have been described as a flame of passion. Guardian sister Chang Hsiao Chuan was described as soil. Zhang Ruoyun Daniel Wu said "Zong Tianbao" itself has the character of justice trait is very special, "in his film and not the police identity, in addition to the inner sense of justice, he has always maintained all the righteous". And Zhang Jingchu said, Daniel Wu said this is the second time to "protect" her work again after many years, thanks to the director Lam to be able to provide such an opportunity to renew acquaintances. Zhang Jingchu is familiar with the two words to describe the feelings of cooperation between the two people, but also by the ridicule of Daniel Wu said, I am old, she matured, humorous tone also makes the scene laughter. Chang Hsiao Chuan (in) and Zhang Jingchu (right) for the first time appeared in the big screen works of Zhang Ruoyun said, his crew when entering the witness Daniel Wu interrupted nasal scene, on the spot becomes the second male god fan brother". Funny scene and said "Pan Ziwen" this role although the force value is not high, but there are "small dogs" qualities, they must expect to see beautiful girl, a serious criminal action but he described the "comedy" feeling. In addition, Zhang Ruoyun, Amber Kuo, Chang Hsiao Chuan three people also revealed to be staged a "love triangle" in the Twilight film, when it comes to emotional home finally, Amber Kuo said he made a subtle choice. The main tug of war funny photos is the movie "sky fire" will be held on November 25th at the national release. (end)相关的主题文章:

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