Daniel Wu gets interrupted by breaking the nose directly back on. sunny came home

Daniel Wu gets interrupted by breaking the nose directly back on the Daniel Wu Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media "news" reported that the Taiwan male god together! Daniel Wu, Chang Hsiao Chuan to the movie "raging fire", Daniel Wu plays the film director of security handsome, how he got second days nose a martial arts drama in the whole should be interrupted, once syncope become unconscious. Daniel Wu said: "when I wake up, like to sleep a night’s sleep, very comfortable, but I saw all the staff look scared," he later did not know he fainted! Daniel Wu’s nose was broken Jun, was concerned that filming will affect the back, did not think he only used a pack of Bing Bing enough, and then put the nose "directly breaking back", second days will continue to shoot down! Daniel Wu handsome face is not only right, but also often in the studio to make faces, with him to play Amber Kuo also laughed and said: "we often frighten him in shape!" As for two degrees with the cooperation of Chang Hsiao Chuan director Ringo Lam, Lam told him this hearing scenes a lot, did not expect to see the script to know to "stop beating", let him super dumbfounded. In his film acting on unrelated siblings with Amber Kuo, to his sister desperately to get the continuation of life for all, but the accident was involved in a mysterious robbery! "Fire" in Hongkong in November 25th, the Taiwan sky, released simultaneously.相关的主题文章:

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