Deyang a child right involved in electric wheels for everybody’s help eventually escape (Figure) (vi havd707

Deyang a child right involved in electric wheels for everybody’s help eventually escape (Figure) in September 21st 9 in the morning, in Shifang city (micro-blog), a mother riding electric bike carrying children via Limin Road, the child’s foot accidentally twisted into the electric car wheel, thanks to the timely help children out of danger passers-by, was taken to hospital for treatment. Morning at about 9 in the city of Shifang Limin Road middle of the road, a little boy sitting in a car battery has been crying, right foot wheel twist socks are tightly stuck in the rear wheel, can not move, the blood keeps coming out. In desperation, the child’s mother tried to reach out to pull out the baby’s feet, but few attempts were unsuccessful. Passers by in the past have also gathered around to appease the crying child and panic in the mother. It was at the peak of traffic, there are enthusiastic passers-by slowly electric cars carried to the roadside, so as not to cause traffic jams. As the child’s feet are tightly stuck, we did not dare to rush to the rescue, one enthusiastic people quickly riding his electric car to find near the electric car master. Enthusiastic people while helping to fix electric vehicles, while comforting the little boy, with his car week master quickly brought the wheel removing tool, parts of electric vehicles. In all the community help, the little boy’s right foot from the rear wheels was finally taken out, the heel had badly mutilated. Mother holding the child immediately went to the hospital, enthusiastic people in the boy’s mother will be properly placed after the electric car dispersed. It is reported that, at present, has been the home heel boy injured in hospital after receiving stitches. Shifang station editor’s note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand the reading on the road after the boy was involved in the wheel unfortunately died相关的主题文章:

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