Dong Hao for Ma Rong argued that netizens gossip view is not correct sexinse

Dong Hao for Ma Rong argued that netizens gossip view is not correct? Wen Xianyun said really, because of the recent Olympic women’s volleyball girls wins the title and song Andy Poser and female fans, so that once the Redubujian Baoqiang Wang divorce temporary cooling. But Dong Hao has also set off a new round of the audience, and even with the horse and Chengdu scolded together. The original Hao Hao also participated in the review of Baoqiang Wang divorce storm. According to the analysis of Uncle Dong Hao, two people are able to "spark", because Ma Rong was not a bad heart, "if bad children won’t go together". And Ma Rong, although it seems that Baoqiang Wang is "campus Belle, but very beautiful" in Uncle Dong Hao, two people looks can be considered equal. "It’s perfectly normal for a long time," said uncle Dong Hao, and the two child is a witness to their love. Uncle Dong Hao said that due to the marriage two "fuchangfusui", Ma Rong lost their dreams in life, two people gradually cracks. But at the same time he also reminded users: the house thing, only the house people know." Warned people not to speculate on others. These words have arguably what is wrong, after all, when Baoqiang Wang’s high-profile public divorce, many people think that their children are afraid of the future will have a shadow, but it has now, users are not parties. So in this Baoqiang Wang’s divorce in the absolute majority of users to vote for Baoqiang Wang, Ma Rong and Song Zhe was pointing fingers! Even Ma Rong was described as a variety of bad women typical, including the so-called Ma Rong to talk to the students and so also followed by friends chasing. Dong Hao seems to be in Ma Rong refute, so users almost pan fried began to turn against the Dong Hao, Dong Hao had to respond again: on the night of August 24th, Dong Hao through micro-blog evaluation of "Wang Ma" divorce was approved to respond with rhetorical questions responded: "difficult in this society, said the positive energy people should not be turned into?" "Do you rely on gossip to realize the Chinese dream?" And once again review the Baoqiang Wang divorce he thought all about Baoqiang Wang and Ma Rong who are gossip and a serpent heart, East extension Hezekiah short, should give them (Baoqiang Wang and Ma Rong) two leave some space, let them solve their own. Well, all in the crowd of friends, how many are holding the entertainment psychological crowd Xiaobian also dare not to jump to conclusions, but it is a lot for Baoqiang Wang uneven users is definitely not gossip, but also not the view is not correct. According to Dong Hao, onlookers have a serpent heart, gossip is he these words are so-called positive energy? Some netizens directly said: Uncle Dong Hao see that your stomach is not at all lived ascetic life, besides others gossip, that your own video, said Ma Rong is a strong boorish campus Belle, treasure, are these not gossip performance? Do you know their life in the past few years? If you don’t know you are not qualified to speak, the do not want to have you! This is Ma Rong and Song Zhe break the moral bottom line, will live in infamy! Even friends feel that Dong Hao is to rub heat. To tell you the truth, many netizens are now looking at Dong Hao相关的主题文章:

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