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"Double 11" war tens of thousands of monthly salary to recruit and express brother 3 weeks will usher in the eighth "double 11", a lot of hand chop party has been eager for a fight, began to "shopping cart" in the stockpile. However, than the hand chop party action faster, is national express industry. According to the State Post Bureau preliminary forecast, double 11 period (November 11th to 16), the whole industry to deal with the mail (express) business volume will be more than 1 billion 50 million. Chinese commercial news reporter survey found that the current post office demand soared, there is a courier company is out on a monthly salary of $10000. Courier: November wages will Puzeng 2000 yuan express courier company when Mr. Liu has nearly ten years of delivery, for the upcoming "double 11", he was prepared to meet the challenge. In accordance with the same period last year to send and receive the amount of calculation, this year’s delivery will be the usual 3~5 times, that is, the average daily to send more than and 300 express, working hours from 7 to 21." Liu said that with the increase in the amount of sending and receiving, revenue will increase, generally speaking, in November the wages of more than usual 2000~3000 yuan." Wang Long who lives in Shiqiaopu is a noodle shop owner, the annual "double 11", he will join the team of part-time courier. Not long ago, he saw in the 58 city and Ganji recruitment page, the Courier Post is very scarce, the average monthly salary to 5000~8000 yuan, some even tens of thousands, and the education, age, work experience does not make any request. But Wang Long said, according to past experience, the courier income or receive a quantity of hook, send a single income in 1 yuan, under normal circumstances, the courier will express to the price of 0.5 yuan per unit area, to lead the point." He said, in the courier industry, counterparts generally prefer Jingdong, since the implementation of the distribution of the Jingdong, will have a lot of urgent, "to send a courier income will reach 6~7 yuan or more. I have a friend who runs a Jingdong express, usually one day can earn more than and 300 dollars, easily tens of thousands of monthly income." Express company: 3 months in advance to increase personnel site vehicle in the face of the upcoming "double 11", Zhou Yuanhua felt both excited and disturbed, because this is the first time he joined with the manager’s express war. Zhou Yuanhua management of the Palestinian city of SF EXPRESS outlets, will be responsible for the courier business in the vicinity of the more than and 100 district during the double 11. He told the Chinese commercial news reporters, and now the network has a total of 30 sent members, in order to prepare for the double 11, the network added 6~7 staff, ready to stand by. This year, the newly opened more than 6 thousand lines, an increase of more than 20 thousand vehicle capacity, and for the first time in the peak of the implementation of the integration of resources and hanging hanging transport mode." SF EXPRESS Chongqing company responsible person, "double 11" activities have entered the eighth year, SF EXPRESS accumulated a lot of experience in actual combat, "from the beginning of August this year, SF has entered a state of readiness, including staff recruitment, increase site, additional vehicles logistics, and training of personnel, emergency plan." Responsible person told Daily reporter related Yuantong express, "double 11" this year, work has become the norm of, but will increase the reserve personnel, facilities, vehicles, total.相关的主题文章:

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