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Europa Intelligence: 5 people into the 5 ball Saint Etienne offense more flowering Thursday 017       Europa       VS     Saint Etienne Jerusalem beta; 2016-08-26 02:45;           location: France – Saint Etienne weather: 22 degrees sunny situation: Saint Etienne Saint Etienne this summer in the transfer market action is not small, has introduced, and Montezemolo mbengue Dabo power players, at the same time. Barr Sal and Dio Mander and bass and Brisson last season in the main, the first round of League defeat of Bordeaux, the team quickly adjusted to the two game winning streak in the UEFA Cup and in the league, during a total of detonation into 5 balls, and 5 players were from offensive contribution, presented more flowering characteristics, In addition to Saint Etienne first round defeat Jerusalem beta 2:1 on the road, showing the strong control of the game, as long as there are no major accidents, the team can successfully reached the group phase. Jerusalem: Jerusalem is a recent beta beta team from the Israeli League this season, the UEFA Cup first qualifying round started, the team has eliminated Siluoboda, Omonia and Ye M Gava, but from the data, the team relies more on the home court, 3 of the season Europa League away 2 flat 1 negative have not won, but home court three consecutive wins trend, but in the playoffs, and his strength to face the large difference of the Saint Etienne, the first leg of the team’s home court must win in order to qualify for the fall, on the road to Jerusalem is a beta is almost impossible. The two teams clash of history: a recent clash race record, Saint Etienne win. Game Analysis: SMG Shengping Fu played out 1.24-4.60-9.50 SP, given the confidence, Saint Etienne first leg defeat opponents, this return to the home court, his nature is focus on the lottery, the disc to the Lord let a ball of water start, the disk is obviously lighter, it is difficult to avoid the influx of funds, the market outlook on the water level slowly decline, many companies become disk main let a ball ball half pattern, but in the fundamentals of the dominant situation, the move will further draw the upper heat, the game to win victory over Saint Etienne disc also have difficulty, SMG let the ball Shengping Fu played to a ball pattern, check Yuko relatively safe. (to snow)相关的主题文章:

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