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Expert: Shenzhen real estate market has entered a stage of steady decline in value of the amount of adjustment in the three quarter, Shenzhen second-hand housing turnover continued to decline, the price is stable at a high level, especially when it comes to the property market "Kim Gu" period, the market is still no major improvement, steady decline in value trend continued for several days. People can not help but care: Shenzhen real estate market trend in the future? House prices will continue to rise? How to alleviate the current contradiction between supply and demand in the property market? For these hot topics, the city real estate development research center director Wang Feng in September 29th to accept a reporter’s interview, he gave a detailed analysis of the basic situation of the national real estate market at present, and the interpretation of the Shenzhen real estate market has entered a period of adjustment. Rising prices led to the recent downturn in the sidelines, the pressure of rising prices, Xiamen, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Kunshan and other cities have to restart the purchase of the policy, other cities are also follow up. The city from more than a year ago has continued to cancel the purchase, to the purchase of the property market over the restart, like a roller coaster, experienced by the downturn to change radically overheating. In Wang Feng’s view, the country puts forward to the inventory policy background, coupled with the relatively loose monetary policy, in many parts of the country’s property market downturn last year came out from the city, especially the surrounding part of the second tier city and first-tier cities in the three quarter of this year sales growth is very fast, such as Hangzhou, Xiamen, Nanjing, Wenzhou, Huizhou, Dongguan city market, signs of overheating. Currently these cities to restart the purchase of the policy, mainly to prevent overheating of the property market and housing prices rose too fast. Wang Feng analysis, the current inventory is to represent the general trend, is expected to end this year to early next year this time, most of the country’s second city property market is still hot, but the policy will follow, so the overall will maintain rational smooth. In Shenzhen, last year, the national property market cooling, Shenzhen is very hot; now the national property market warms up, Shenzhen is relatively quiet, mainly reflected in the volume, there are two reasons: one is the Shenzhen since last year continued strong sales, inventory and fast digestion, supply has not kept pace with a short period of time, the new commercial housing this year before 7 months of construction area, new residential commodities wholesale volume are significant decline; the two is from the beginning of last year, housing prices in Shenzhen has been leading the country rose sharply to make a lot of buyers just need only wait and see. Coupled with the introduction of this year, 3.25 new property market regulation, the market entered the observation period, the adjustment period. Wang Feng, from the three quarter turnover, a second-hand housing turnover decline significantly, the price is relatively stable, the new commercial housing sales price in 56 thousand yuan to 60 thousand square meters of floating, judging from the Shenzhen real estate market has entered a stage of steady decline in value adjustment. Shenzhen property market is facing three big trouble since last year led since Shenzhen housing problem has attracted a lot of attention. Wang Feng pointed out that the existence of several major problems in the Shenzhen market, the first is the high prices, as well as land prices, public facilities, personnel housing and other issues. Wang Feng believes that the main reason for rising house prices in Shenzhen are: city space due to the lack of new residential land supply is decreasing; the city competitiveness to attract more talent to venture deep, housing demand has been strong; the tension of newly built commercial housing supply and demand situation for a long time in strong相关的主题文章:

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