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Fall Xiamen institutions recruitment registration only the final 2 days of   there are 6 jobs no candidates – Fujian channel — people.com.cn original title: Xiamen autumn institution recruitment registration last remaining 2 days and 6 jobs no candidates fall Xiamen institutions to recruit, and the last 2 days of registration time. As of yesterday, a total of 14236 people in the online registration, but there are already 5368 people did not pass the audit, was brushed down. This recruitment, and in part belonged to the institutions set up a total of 283 jobs, a total of 332 jobs, initially written on the morning of November 19th. The registration channel will be on October 15th 17:00 closed, also intends to register, to seize the last two days in Xiamen city human resources and Social Security Bureau (Xiamen City Civil Service Bureau) business unit recruitment channels (syzp.xmhrss.gov or syzp.xmrs.gov) registration registration platform. 5 jobs have been over 200 people registered for the Herald reporter noted that at present, there are 45 positions of the number of applicants has exceeded 100 people; the enrollment of 5 positions has more than 200 people. The most popular is the Lake District high-level talent service center, talent service and the Jimei District Admissions Committee Office Information Officer, the total enrollment has reached 228 people. However, the former recruit only one person, the competition is more intense, the latter plans to recruit two people. From the recruitment unit, the Xiamen information center the most red, its industrial project management and integrated management of the two positions of the enrollment has exceeded 200 people. There are 6 jobs no candidates for the above positions compared with the hot, there are a lot of jobs have been snubbed. Among them, there are 6 jobs No one shows any interest in it. They are: Jimei district town comprehensive service center "accounting", the Xiamen special education rehabilitation research center (Xin Xin kindergarten) "pediatrician", the Xiamen highway maintenance and greening facilities maintenance center "bridge detection", Xiamen city highway bridge and tunnel maintenance center "bridge management", "Xiamen city children’s Library and reader service the reference book" "". At the same time, there are 44 positions to maintain the number of applicants in single digits. If you are interested, may wish to look at these unpopular positions, success rate may be higher. (reporter Qian Lingling) (commissioning editor Chen Chuchu and Wu Zhou)相关的主题文章:

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