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Fan Bingbing Gordon Forbes income list, her wealth after this three jump Miss understand the commencement, I am the most understand entertainment female students! Little attention to understand the WeChat entdong more gossip together to chat! Who is the most popular female star in China? Recently, the United States authoritative financial magazine "Forbes" announced the world’s top ten highest income actress, ranked fifth in the list, becoming the only female Chinese on the list of the top. According to Forbes, Fan Bingbing had $17 million in revenue over the past year. What is the concept of $17 million, nearly more than one billion yuan ah! And get the divorce Baoqiang Wang raise a Babel of criticism of only one hundred million houses, Fan Bingbing shows the gold absorption capacity. But Fan Bingbing seems to have become accustomed to over the past ten years, she has never missed a Forbes celebrity: 2004, to 9 million 800 thousand yuan ranked twenty-seventh; in 2005, to 12 million yuan ranked tenth; in 2006, to 17 million yuan ranked seventh; in 2007, to 19 million yuan ranked seventh; in 2008, 19 million 500 thousand yuan in 2009 to 26 million 800 thousand, ranking sixth; ranked eighth yuan to 30 million 500 thousand yuan; in 2010, ranking tenth; 2011 to 51 million yuan, ranking ninth; 2012 to 100 million 900 thousand yuan, ranking third; in 2013, to 110 million yuan, ranking first; 2014, continue to 12015th years to 122 million yuan, to 128 million yuan once again won the first. You can see from 2013 onwards, she firmly occupied Forbes Chinese celebrity revenue list for the top spot, do not give others a chance. It seems that she said, I do not need to marry into the rich, I am rich, is not an empty talk. As the crowd, the most concerned about is that Fan Bingbing so much money is how to earn? Look at the list of the evaluation of Fan Bingbing Forbes: the only Chinese actor, Fan Bingbing on the list due to the "escape" and "Jedi · Dynasty woman; Yang" and other films, and the audience know she is through the 2014 "X-Men X ·" and not to reverse the endorsement of Chopin, L’OREAL and other international big. This year Forbes statistical period is from 2015.6 to 2016.6 during the period, the list is Nelson, Box Office and Mojo IMDb data was analyzed based on the arrangement of its production, but also with reference to the entertainment from brokers, managers and lawyers to collect information. The list of statistics is to estimate the income obtained in the star entertainment and other related areas of pre tax income, including the paycheck, performance fees, advertising fees, personal income but the star investment management. In other words, Fan Bingbing’s real income last year may not be so much. To be sure, Fan Bingbing is a model worker. In a Forbes period in the past, a single television drama this one, she took on "Dynasty woman · Yang Guifei" escape ", and" Jedi "Fengshen legend", "grand track", "I am not Pan Jinlian" and other films, in addition to being shot power]相关的主题文章:

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