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"Farewell" hit Hai Qing " tiger mother "   speech live " Chinese parents " – the media – people.com.cn original title: Hai Qing: to accompany the child to see the best scenery many years ago, Hai Qing is a "screen image of wife, gentle and playful; but in a recent TV series" farewell ", she became a" tiger mother ", and all kinds of lines so that many parents felt. Recently in an interview with morning news, Hai Qing said, in her life and "tiger mother" far, just want to focus on the children, and the son get along as friends, "the children a lot of good quality is our slowly lost, in the child, I really hope to see". Speech live "Chinese parents" can not enter a key high school, you can not enter the University, you can not enter the key university, is in this life. "," I know these useless, but I’m sorry, it will test these useless"…… It is just the most parents heart pain, "farewell" in Beijing TV broadcast, caused a lot of discussion, some lines Hai Qing played a "tiger mother" Tong Wenjie also let the audience feel real "as if my mother was on the tv". In this regard, Hai Qing said with a smile, like "university life." the lines, is the first day of his boot to improvise, "because this is Chinese now many parents anxious, this is a kind of situation, parents are afraid of children left behind, I just put it into lines to say the status quo". This phrase can also improvised lines, and Hai Qing’s observation of life inseparable. She said with a smile, his mother was a strict mother, "I remember once 94 points, the mark in the grade, my mother did not let me put my bag to the teacher asked why the test so bad". She also revealed that their early to play the role of mother going to do, "one time in the waiting room, saw a child playing the game, mother will be careless with training, what" have neither learning nor skill "and" eat bitter, leading to human ". I was thinking on the side, be sure to play such a mother". Hai Qing’s role in shaping, and from the perspective of "the establishment of negative teaching material" from the point of view of Tong Wenjie. "I want to bring some negative things I see the deduction for everyone to see, at the beginning, I also feel that this person is lack of love for children, an effort to score, but then I think, should discuss this anxiety come from. It should be the core of the mother’s love for the child, she is afraid that the child can not live a good life in the future, but the power of the original cause of the wrong way." Do children rely on the drama is the tiger mother, Xiwai Hai Qing but has a different kind of parenting tips. She admitted that after the birth of a child, greatly reduces the work, is to accompany the son egg girl, "I have always felt that if ready for children, not physically ready, must be psychologically. You want to take a little soul, walk in the world together, you have to give him a good view, it is a responsibility. Moreover, the biggest beneficiaries of the child is my own, I have been learning". Hai Qing, for example, in communication with the child相关的主题文章:

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