Food and drug administration notified substandard food list Jiangsu two food list

The food and Drug Administration informed substandard food list: Jiangsu two grocery list Beijing on November 16th news, "double eleven" just past, in many of the network platform and sellers launched various forms of discounts and promotions, one of the food is also a hot commodity. November 15th, the food and Drug Administration announced a new list of substandard food. Of which 6 batches from Taobao, I bought the network, SF preferred and other food sales have been reported, involving MSG, pistachio, orchid bean, monosodium glutamate, mold, etc. the main reason for its acid value exceed the standard unqualified. When Yi COFCO preferred pistachio mold exceed the standard list, 2 batches of, I bought net sales of food was informed by exceed the standard mold. Were I bought net (website) – site sales, nominal COFCO (Beijing) Beijing surplus sea and Xinyuan Food Co., Ltd. commissioned production when Yi COFCO preferred American pistachios; (website) childhood food flagship store sales, the nominal Hunan Yalin food limited company of production of pistachio. It is understood that the mold is a common fungus in nature, mold pollution can cause food spoilage, damage to food color, smell, taste, reduce food consumption value. The reason for the excessive mold in food may be that the raw material is contaminated by mould, or the improper control of the product storage and transportation conditions leads to the contamination of the circulation. The list also shows that 2 batches of the SF preferred food was informed by sales exceed the standard mold. Respectively, SF preferred (website) Jingjiang City leisurely taste food Co. sales, the nominal Jingjiang leisurely taste food limited production of orchid bean; (website) qingxiangyuan food store sales, nominal Quyuan food Limited by Share Ltd production of milk salt soda biscuit. The acid value mainly reflects the degree of rancidity of oils and fats in foods. "The national food safety standard nuts and seeds food" (GB 19300-2014) provides limited value of cooked nuts and seeds food acid value was 3 mg G. The 2 batches of food acid detection values were 4.5 mg, 6.4 mg g G. Exceeded the standard value of 50%, respectively, 28%. The food and Drug Administration said that the main cause of acid may be unqualified raw materials procurement enterprises not strict, the production process is not standard, the product of improper storage conditions, especially storage at high temperature easily lead to fat oxidation rancidity in foods. Aldehydes and ketones produced by long-term intake of oil rancidity will have a certain impact on health. In addition, there are 2 batches in the Tmall crystal on food store in sales, the nominal Dongguan Hongxing Food Co. Ltd. production of "Gabriel" curry was informed by the detection of Luo Danming B; Taobao Lili food sales business, the nominal Shenyang Hongmei food limited production of plum master MSG, monosodium glutamate detection value is lower than the national food safety standards the value of being informed. Heilongjiang jianzhiyuan black white honey bee detection of chloramphenicol bulletin, 1 batches from Heilongjiang Yonghui Supermarket Co. Tallahassee Wanda store sales, the nominal Heilongjiang jianzhiyuan black bee produced black white honey bee was informed by the detection of chloramphenicol. Chloramphenicol is a broad-spectrum antibacterial agent. Announcement No. 235th of the Ministry of agriculture, the maximum residue limits of veterinary drugs in animal food, the provisions of the prohibition of chloramphenicol相关的主题文章:

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