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Fujian workers fall out from the heart of steel chest and large artery is only 1 cm on the morning of 22 March 11, workers Liu was 120 ambulance to Fuzhou general hospital, 476 hospital emergency department. Originally, Liu in Minhou a construction site work, falling from 4 meters high to the full bar on the ground, the body is reinforced through, in critical condition. After the hospital doctors surgery, and now the wounded vital signs stable. Xiao Zhangwu, director of the hospital emergency department admissions after the discovery, a much thicker steel joint clothes from the wounded in the chest position at xiphoid, back from the scapula below more than and 30 cm out reinforced through the body. Hospital immediately open the green channel, and the organization of multi department expert consultation. Less than half an hour into the hospital, Wang Chenguang, director of the Department of general surgery to perform surgery for the wounded. According to Wang Chenguang, the wounded from the chest to the back through the bars, causing the wounded can not be normal flat. During the operation, the doctor took advantage of crack surgical bed, let the wounded back out of the reinforced wear into the cracks, the wounded lying surgery. Ready to do a good job, the doctor immediately open thoracotomy. Although reinforced through the wounded body, fortunately not only hurt the heart and arteries, the pericardium and esophageal injury. Wang Chenguang said, from the bar in the injured body situation, it will wear out 1 cm on the heart, back 1 cm will wear out large artery. Reinforced joint clothes through the wounded body, to help the wounded to play, because the clothes there formed the active bleeding of the wounded, the outflow of blood drainage basically out of the body, so the intrathoracic blood is not much, and provide help for the rescue of the wounded. The doctor will bar slowly pulled out, and repaired the worn steel pericardium, broken esophagectomy, and made the anastomosis of the esophagus and the stomach. 4 hours later, the patient was transferred to the intensive care unit. At present, the patient’s vital signs are stable, are receiving treatment for the prevention of infection, tetanus and other complications. Wang Chenguang reminded, outdoor high-altitude populations, the construction must strictly abide by the rules, wear a good helmet, do other protective measures, also should check the construction protection measures are in place to ensure their own safety. In case of similar injuries, do not immediately pull the foreign body such as steel body piercing, also do not move the injured, should call the 120 emergency call, quickly the injured to the hospital. (reporter correspondent Li Qiong Du Hang)相关的主题文章:

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