Girl if you are locked in a nutshell, I hope you have a pursuit of freedom of the heart

Girl if you are locked in a nutshell, I hope you have a heart of public concern number a pursuit of freedom of the Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! This article from the WeChat public number is psychological "original title: to the inner scale beyond the environment, to get the ultimate freedom of the environment is not limited, people have an inner scale and Rousseau’s" freedom and bondage "speech touched countless people, let countless people add melancholy. However, even in an environment of freedom, life is still a choice, there is hope. Because you are your choice, your world is also how you choose. Here, I would like to emphasize that people can live independently, we can feel the freedom, a lot of self imposed. I always keep a view, if the environment has to do subtraction, the first thing you think of is to do addition, to believe that the era of every day are moving in the right direction, I believe that our country should be free than we think. I want to say is that a person’s independent choice is the first. As mill said, the first thing that distinguishes man from animals is not that man is rational, nor does he invent the tools or methods, but that he can choose. He also said that no society actually suppress freedom of all its members; one being deprived of all freedom of choice, which is not a moral subject, not even from the legal or moral called people. The environment can determine your freedom, but you still have a small environment, where you have the right to a good life. It’s all about your consciousness, your understanding of life and the world. As long as you are independent and free, you can DIY a beautiful world for you. As the film "beautiful life" reveals, even a concentration camp, you can turn it into a playground, even if it is fleeting. You can destroy my freedom, but I can’t destroy my yearning for freedom. Life is optional. If you want to commit suicide because of despair, you can still choose. You can choose to forgive yourself, choose not to execute your life, and give yourself the chance to start again. Life is optional. Today’s college students are busy in the exam, busy graduation work, and the best one step, don’t break it. But Thoreau doesn’t think so. One hundred years ago, on the day of Independence Day in the United States, with an axe, Thoreau went to Walden built a cabin, he thought of a life test. It was there that Thoreau completed the "Walden" writing, and through the "civil disobedience" spiritual influence of Tolstoy and Gandhi. This independent life are not uncommon in today’s China, both from Germany to Loewe, there are also many local volunteers. Life is optional. If you are admitted to the civil service, you must do what you do not want to do, such a time, it is also possible to choose. Death is preferable to slavery? Not free, still alive! Speaking of this, it is necessary to talk about two people, they are living with my life相关的主题文章:

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