Guangzhou residents 6 yuan captured Shuangseqiu 9 million 560 thousand winner should be near the nei aizi

Guangzhou residents 6 yuan captured Shuangseqiu 9 million 560 thousand winner should be near the neighborhood – Sohu Information Times News (reporter Chen Xuegang) the Guangzhou lottery was good luck! Although just 1 first encounter Qijiang, but immediately in the 1 note! The evening of August 29th, the double chromosphere lottery ushered in the year of 100th, the country in the 4 note 9 million 560 thousand yuan prize, which Guangdong Lande first settled in Guangzhou, the west by a neighborhood with 6 yuan vote lucky hit. 6 yuan ticket 16100th Shuangseqiu captured 9 million 560 thousand winning numbers: "03, 10, red 22, 23, 27, 29"; "04". The Red Queen odd dominant, "03, 23" out of this group with the tail code, as well as the "27, 29" this group of odd numbers; basketball is missing 16 out of 04". The first prize in the 4 note, single note bonus of more than $9 million 560 thousand, Guangdong, Tianjin, Jiangxi, Guizhou, each of the 1 note. Times reporter from the lottery center in Guangdong province was informed that Guangdong won the first prize in Guangzhou, winning the lottery is a 6 yuan note 3 machine menu-based by 44010929 votes, is located in Liwan District Xihua road Sima square No. 42 betting station sold. Two prize pool rose to 960 million over the same period in the 87 note, a single injection of the amount of 260 thousand yuan, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Hebei in the 10 note, other areas of winning note were 10 note the following. After the current lottery Shuangseqiu, progressive and rose more than 30 million yuan, reached 960 million yuan high. According to the relevant provisions of the deadline tonight 16101st lottery Shuangseqiu, higher award will be based on "55%: 20%: 25% of the proportion of payment, 2 yuan lottery betting in the highest single 10 million yuan. The winner should be near the neighborhood yesterday afternoon, deputy director of the Guangzhou City Welfare Center Liu Junfang a pedestrian with a lion dance team came to the 44010929 betting station held a ceremony to celebrate, to the site responsible for the payment of a bonus of 8000 yuan and sales, awarded first prize winning medals, awards to encourage station promotion service, Dongfeng borrow the jackpot again. To celebrate the scene of jubilation, luoguxuantian lion, attracted many onlookers residents, everyone that the winners only spend 6 Yuan election machine 3 note clinch nearly ten million yuan prize, have money effect winners betting method. According to the owners Liu revealed that 44010929 betting station is the old site business for 14 years, this is the first time high school won first prize winners due to buy the most common single ticket, so who is winning no impression, but because the betting station in the old city, customers are nearby residents, estimated one lucky neighborhood winning. Author: Chen Xuegang相关的主题文章:

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