Haibei Prefecture Qilian County Central Long Xiang to the four first and promote the two a learning mmc.exe

Haibei Prefecture Qilian County Central Long Xiang to the "four first" and promote the "two a" learning education — Qinghai Channel – people.com.cn in "two a" study and education, the central uplift township cadres adhere to lead to learn in advance, advance, advance, supervision and investigation to learn with first "four first, practical action to implement the learning achievements into work and serve the masses, so that the work implement, has achieved remarkable results. The "learning" as the basis of "two studies and one to do" to grasp, classification and hierarchical organization learning. The Secretary of the lead lectures, itinerant preachers and other special training form, focus on "four solid", "hard work to   a dream come true" and "beautiful scenery is jinshanyinshan" theme teaching 10 times, to further emphasize the qualified party should be the party spirit and responsibility to play. The investigation of Party membership dues collection records, Party members and Party members of the party discipline and law, basic information, organization relationship transfer, pay membership dues and participate in organizational life, migration and so thoroughly, clear nuclear mobile party members and lost contact with the party base, straighten out the party organization relationship. Township Party committee in conjunction with the two learning to do learning and education programs, the branch, branch secretary, Party members to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the implementation of learning and education. Uncovering out common problems of 6 Party branch, 11 party members of the common problems, personality problems 8. For each branch and Party members of their own problems, timely rectification. Up to now, a total of 4 common problems of the reform of the Party branch, the party members of the common problems of the 7, the party members of the personality of the article 5. Through the supervision and rectification of the norms of learning education. Pay attention to "learning" and "do" the depth of integration, Party members and cadres to guide the "learning" embodied in the process of "doing", township party organizations Party cadres and the masses of workers to carry out major renovation sanitation and caring for the elderly, the first party "theme activities. A total of 6 tons of garbage cleaning, cleaning clothes of the 58, finishing the room between the 12. To promote accurate poverty alleviation work, through twinning, financial poverty alleviation, industrial poverty, poverty alleviation business, adhere to the "blood transfusion", "blood"   simultaneously, focus on agriculture, agriculture, peasants, farmers on the real, do solid work, and strive to improve the income of farmers and herdsmen, to accelerate the pace of poverty. (commissioning editor Zhang Zhiping and Yang Yang)相关的主题文章:

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