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Hainan mobile phone real name registration "doomsday" has been to the operator: no real star down South China Sea, South China Sea network client Haikou September 26th news (South China Sea network reporter Xu Jinghan) mobile phone is not real name registration? No registration will be shut down. The day before, Hainan three operators were given a real name registration deadline". Among them, Hainan Unicom: August 1st; Hainan Mobile: from the beginning of the year; Hainan Telecom: from the year of October 1st. As of the end of July this year, Hainan province’s approximately 360 thousand users without real name registration system, in September 26th, the South China Sea network reporter again visited Hainan three operators, the current mobile phone card registration system to promote the situation of understanding. Hainan mobile "real rate" has reached 98% it is understood that Hainan mobile on August 15th, did not apply for real name registration for customers to implement partial shut down, up to now, Hainan mobile phone users real name registration card rate has reached 98%. For the current implementation of batches of shutting down processing business, Hainan mobile to the relevant person in charge, at present is to suspend part of the communications business, customers can still receive text messages, phone and call some special service number; if the customer does not go through the real name registration, the follow-up will stop all communication services. Hainan Unicom to take measures to promote the "real name registration" according to the Hainan Unicom responsible person, in order to achieve the relevant state ministries and the end of October 2016 the phone user name registration rate of 96% at the end of December, all 100% phone users real name registration requirements, strict implementation of the relevant provisions on the management of Hainan Unicom real name system, combined with the actual situation of the online user name registration customer service system, and ability of three batches of execution are not real name user downtime. Among them, the first batch of stopping execution time for August 1st, the target for only the specified "card" series of package users; second batches stop execution time for September 21st; third batches stop the execution time for the October 20th -11 month 15 days. For the real name of the user will be the first to implement a single stop in Hainan, 5 days after the real estate has not yet become a double stop. Single stop customers on the system to limit the processing, including the repair of the card, the newspaper reported that the opening of the service changes and marketing activities, such as business, double stop user restrictions on all business. During the shutdown can call the fire, police, medical emergency, traffic accident alarm and other emergency services. Stop over 60 days the customer has not handle real name registration, Hainan Unicom will disassemble to number. The responsible person told the reporter that the registration to effectively promote the real name system, Hainan Unicom in the media announcement, at the same time through SMS and telephone notice, clearly inform the real name registration requirements and specific shutdown time. To make it easier for customers to fill the registration work. In addition to its own business hall in Hainan Unicom, designated social networking outlets for real name registration, the user through the Hainan Unicom online business hall, mobile phone business hall, WeChat business hall for real name registration. If the customer is not real name, three days before the shutdown will be notified by sms. Hainan Telecom at the end of November the "real name" will not stop all the Hainan Telecom official said in an interview, Hainan Telecom in 1)相关的主题文章:

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